September 30, 2008

Our Newst Niece!

Missy, Steve and Baby Kaitlyn Marie
Amy and Kaitlyn - Ian and Kaitlyn
Luke and Kaitlyn - Dave and Kaitlyn
Well, we have a new, beautiful Niece! This is an especially exciting occasion, because there are not too many girls born to either side of our families! Steve is Dave's twin brother - as if you couldn't tell - and Kaitlyn Marie Formenti was born last friday! We jumped in the car Sunday afternoon on a whim and set off for Naperville to congratulate, and hug and squeeze our newest niece! It was a good visit and the boys were fairly good! Ian and Luke weren't too confident in holding Kaitlyn though. She's quite smaller than their little brother. She weighed 6 pounds 2 oz. (compare that with an 8 pound baby and that's quite a difference!) But they did great! Luke held her long enough to get a picture, then he was done. Ian did great too! We are so proud of Missy for being a trooper through her c-section and know that God is blessing their new little family! Congrats!

Last Photo Class Pictures!

These are my last weeks photo class assingment. I had a maco assignment as well, but I didn't like it too much because it came out blurry and it was boring. (I ran out of time - ha - how does that happen with 3 little boys???) Anyway, the photo class is over now and I think I learned some more about my camera - I would have liked to learn more, but that will have to be for another class! Hope you enjoy my pictures!

Ian's School Playground...

I had to take pictures for my photo class, and so we decided to go to the playground at Ian's Elementary school! It was a great place to get some good shots of the boys and for my assignment! Ian just loves kindergarten! He loves every aspect of the day! I'm so glad! He comes home from school happy each day and I am grateful for that! He is so smart and I am amazed each day with what they are teaching our children so early in life! These pictures are on Ian's playground and the one with the building in the background, that is Ian's class room! Ian LOVES the monkey bars at recess, but says his hands are turning into 'daddy's hands' because now he's getting calluses (sp?) just like Dave! So funny! I love my Ian!

September 18, 2008

3 Months - where did it go?

I can't believe that Mason is 3 months old today. Where has the time gone? I am so in love with my little boy... he makes me happy everytime I look at him.
He is starting to coo and smile a lot now. He has had a few milestones too... he found his hands - well, fists - and aparently likes how they taste! He also can reach for the little rings on his play yard and chair. He LOVES when anyone will talk to him and/or sing to him. He smiles with his entire face and I love that! I am desperatly trying to make him laugh, but I get spurts of grunts put together... soon though. His absolute favorite song is 'Little Bunny Foo Foo' and loves when I do the hand motions and bounce him around - although I do have to use the 'wait 30 minutes after you eat to go swimming' rule, otherwise I get a shirt full of throwup! yummmm.

Here are some other pictures I took while doing my little photo shoot with Mason of Ian and Mason. Ian really loves Mason. He's a great big brother. He helps me out a lot, by getting things for me that I need for Mason, feeding Mason in the car when we need to, and giving him lots of love. I hope Ian always looks out for his little brothers. The picture of Mason with the blanket on his head was taken a few days ago and I couldn't resist that smile! I had to capture it!

Ian and baby Mason

Ian holding Mason's hand. Mason being a big cheese!

Hilarious.... but.... WHOA personality!

So, I love this picture I took of Luke yesterday morning after dropping Ian off at the bus stop. This very adorable little smile and these eyes full of joy are indeed a wonderful blessing, BUT... dare I say that this little guy has a MOST mischevious little dark side to him. Luke lights up my day, usually, with his loving little hugs and his words of comfort as he tells me, 'Awe, I lub (love) you Mommy, and I lub edybody!' (everybody) He will spontaniously come and grab hold of Mason, Ian or I, and how I treasure those moments!
BUT.... this little boy has mischief embeded into him from I don't know where. He has a very vivid imagination. Oh... not to mention he's very good at hiding... not only himself, but aparently his wet pull-ups as well - which by the way we still haven't found at my mom's house! When he is quiet, that means you better run to find out what he's in to... like the sharpie markers! And this little ADORABLE boy, has an attitude you wouldn't believe - well, maybe you do believe it if you've met him!
Anyway, I just love my Luke and I am constantly reminding myself that "HE'S ONLY THREE" and not to get too frustrated with him. His smile and laughing eyes will butter Dave and I up to the extreme and unfortunatly, Luke knows that!

So I'm taking a photo class....

So I signed up for a Continuing Education Digital Photography class offered at PNC and I am really learning a lot. A lot of the things I'm learning, I should say I'm relearning from High School and College, but how to do them on the digital camera. (Remember, I'm fairly new with my digital and am completely obsessed!) Hopefully this class will help me take better pictures with my nice new camera. I really do enjoy taking pictures and who knows... maybe I might make some money with it someday! I have a long way to go with that though! I hope you all enjoy these pictures. They were part of my homework from last week. This week I get to take pictures of silhouettes, macro (extreme close up) and 'perspective'. We'll see how I do come next wednesday! The teacher really liked my picture of the little berries - and I have to say I do too! Enjoy!

September 9, 2008

Luke's First Day of Preschool!

Yesterday, Luke went to his very first day of Preschool! Yeah! He is going to the same place that Ian went to called the Discovery Cottage. They aren't really a 'preschool', but they do preschool things, and it's a great way for 3 year olds to get acquainted with how things work in preschool. It is run through the parks department and they do fun things like games, activities, crafts, exploring the outdoors and cooking! He had a good time on his first day, and as far as I know, he didn't get in trouble! Plus, he went potty at school all by himself! Bonus!!! Mommy is going to enjoy her two hours a day, three days a week with only Mason! How wonderful for Luke! I'm so proud of my big boy!

Popcorn Festival Parade!

This last Saturday, we ventured out to the Valparaiso Popcorn Festival Parade! We went with my mom and met up with our friend Michelle and her two little kids, James and Alesy. James is the same age as Luke and are in Nursery at church together. Alesy was born a month before Mason, so we have a good time together!
We went to the parade to watch all the fun floats and get all the free candy we could! It was fun and Grandma was a great help! We always say every year that my mom needs to do another float! I think you should, Mom!!! The kids were ready to go by the end and so was I! ha ha ha!
Amy, Luke, James, Michelle and Alesy, and Ian (Mason is in the stroller behind! and Grandma's taking the picture!)
Luke's favorite part was the fire engines!!!
Mommy and Mason at the parade!
Ian and Luke got to meet Scooby Doo! How fun!!!!

Labor Day Fun

Last week for Labor Day, we were invited over to Dave's boss, Rich's, friends house, Don and Robin, for a BBQ and swimming! It was a lot of fun! Ian wasn't feeling too great (we found out later he had pink eye) but managed to swim and have fun for about a half hour. Luke had a blast swimming in the big pool with Shelby, Rich's daughter, and who ever would take him in the pool! Dave, I think, had the best time in the pool - he always says he doesn't like swimming very much, but just look at the picture and tell me what you think!?!?! He was like a 10 year old in the pool! I'm glad he's so fun like that! I got to relax in the pool a little too... I pretty much just floated around on a noodle, while Robin held Mason for me. It was a great time and good company! Thanks Don and Robin!
Like Father-Like Son...

Crazy Luke...

Ok, so we're trying to get the potty thing down with Luke (yes... still). But the other day, he was playing in my room while I was working on something on the computer - so I wasn't really paying attention (bad mommy!) - when he comes over and says "Look mommy, I'm Batman!" Ian thought it was really funny that Luke put underwear on his head, and Ian called him a transformer. (what?) Good thing the undies were clean! I guess Luke thought that since he's trying the underwear on the lower half, why not put it on his head too! What a goof! I think he wore it for a few hours that morning, and played with Ian well! Needless to say we're getting really close to Luke being potty trained - and if underwear on his head helps him remember, then by all means... go for it!