January 8, 2010


So after about 4 hours of Ian playing the Wii on his Snow Day, I forced them outside to play and get the blood flowing again! Looks like they are having fun! Dave is home for about an hour, and now has to leave again to go plow some more and won't be home until late, but whatever pays the bills! Ian and Luke are still outside having fun! Too bad they left their sled out last week... now they can't find it under the foot of snow in the yard! hahaha! Now... I just need a pair of boots so I can go out and build a snowman!!!

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Lovin' the box

Mason was posing good for the camera this afternoon, so I thought I'd share! (yes... he's still in his jammies and it's 2:00 pm. it's a snow day!) He emptied all the coats and gloves out of our 'coat bin' and had some fun! What a cutie pie!

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