July 23, 2011

July 14th - Dave's Birthday!

Ok, so I'm a little behind with getting pictures up from Dave's birthday! :) Dave had a softball game the day of his birthday, which he did pretty well at. Afterwards, we went to Red Robin with my mom and dad, and celebrated! Dave wasn't very hungry, just very thirsty, so he got the bottomless Root Beer Float! Oh man.... after 3 of them, he was super stuffed. (along with his appetizers he got to eat) But when the waitress overheard me say something to Dave about being his birthday, they brought out a free hot fudge sundae and sang to him! He was so sick from all the other stuff that he couldn't even hardly eat one bite of the sundae! So Ian and Luke took it down for him! It was a fun time and we love Dave so much! Happy 34th Birthday!

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Summertime Tennis Lessons

Ian and Luke were in Tennis lessons at the Valpo High School these past two weeks and they really enjoyed it! I have wanted to get them into tennis, just for selfish reasons, because I love tennis too! Ian was able to work on part of a belt loop for his scouts too! They liked their teachers a lot! (probably cause Ian's teacher had an awesome Dodge Challenger sports car! haha!) But hopefully they learned some fundamentals and will learn to love the game as I do, and when they get better, we can all play together!

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July 14, 2011

Biking and Bowling!

Yesterday was a great day! Luke learned how to ride his bike and we had a great time playing and riding outside! Great Grandma Beeler was there to see him ride and we were all very proud of him. See next post for video!

Then that evening, we took the kids bowling! They had a great time! All but Mason... he was done after 1/2 the game! He was tired though, because he missed his nap! Luke and Mom tied for first place! It was fun to teach the kids how to bowl and we had a great time!

July 13, 2011

Luke Learns how to Ride A 2-wheeler!

So, today was a GREAT day for Luke! I decided to teach Luke how to ride a two wheel bike... he's been on training wheels for a year now, and I thought he could handle it! He was really afraid at first, and didn't want me to let go of him, and all those conversations took place before we even got the bike out of the shed and on the road! ;)
But, he really picked it up quickly! On the first time up, I let go of him for 5 seconds and he was up and going! I couldn't believe it! Within 10 mintues, that crazy kid was going down the street and smiling from ear to ear! It was SO cute to see his confidence gleaming from his face! He is very proud of himself and LOVES riding that bike! Way to go Luke!!!

July 6, 2011

Railcats Game!!!

My Dad called yesterday, and wanted to know if we wanted to go to a Gary Railcats minor baseball game last night! Of course we did! We got VIP tickets to sit in the US Steel corporate box and have food catered in! It was great! This time we left Mason home, knowing he would have been a handful! Luke really enjoyed watching the players, and Ian did too! It was fun, and we all had a really good time! Thanks Dad and Mom for creating this memory for our kids!


Mom and I

Dave and I


all of us enjoying the game!

Dave and Ian

Take us out to the ball game!

Rusty the mascot, puts Ian in a headlock!

Rusty decided to pretend to pick Luke's nose and eat it... yuck, but fitting for Luke! hahaha!

And I got to even sit on Rusty's knee!

Ian and Luke with Rascal, the other mascot!

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