September 25, 2009

Family PIcture 2009

Here's the family picture we took on Sunday! I know Dad's in heaven having all surrounding his '57 Chevy!
Back row left to right: Valerie, Chris, Dad, Derek, Corey, Robin, Mike, Dave, Amy, & Mason.
In Car: Jenna and Julia
Front: Joe, Caden, Diana, Trey, Ian, Tyler, Mom, Luke and Michael.
It was a great weekend with all the family in to visit!

September 22, 2009

Chris and Val's Wedding

Friday night was the big day for Chris and Val! It was a wonderful wedding and it was a gorgeous day! Everything was perfect from my point of view as we welcomed our newest sister in law! Congrats!

Ian, Luke and Mason all dressed up for the occasion... Ian REALLY loved the dancing! He was out there shakin' his bootie with me! How fun! Luke didn't like the loud music, and ran off numerous times, and finally crashed around 10 pm. Mason was a handful, but loved the food (go figure) and the cake, and finally crashed around 9:30. It was a long night for them!

Me, Val, Chris, Joe and Robin. The siblings welcome Val to the clan!

And then there is Uncle Mike, teaching Ian and his cousin Tyler the REAL use of fancy silverware! HA! They had fun together!
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September 13, 2009

Goggle-Head Mason

Yesterday after the parade, I was at my mom's and we were playing with Mason and the swimming goggles. He was SO incredibly cute with them on, I had to capture it! haha! Isn't he adorable? After he was done playing with them on his face, he just kept them around his neck for about another hour or so... he thought he was cool! You're so funny, Mason! I love you sugar!

CLASSIC! This one is going to be my new desktop!
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Popcorn Parade!

We had a pretty good time watching the Popcorn Festival Parade yesterday morning. We got there just as it started and walked a pretty good distance, to be at the tail end of the parade route. Unfortunately, some other people stood in front of us the whole time, so we didn't really see the parade stuff until it was right in front of us. But it was good. The boys liked all the police cars and firetrucks and horses and floats. It wasn't as great of a parade as it has been in the past, but it was fun to get out anyway and do something different. The boys got lots of candy and a flag (which they used as a sword - go figure) I think Luke had his fingers almost touching his brain inside his ears... he doesn't enjoy loud noises at all... so his fingers were in there the entire parade - although one ear was exposed when candy was tossed to them! haha
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September 9, 2009

Luke Starts Preschool!

Today was Luke's first day of TLC Preschool! Yeah! We didn't know for sure if he'd make it, cause he was up coughing last night, but we made it and he is going to have a great time! He was a little leary when we got there, and asked me if I was going to stay, but then he saw the big slide, sandbox and train set with all the toys in the craft/free play room his class will start in and he didn't even notice I was in the room anymore! He is in a class of 10 boys and no girls! His teacher is way excited to have an all boy class - she's raised 4 boys herself, so I think she knows what she's doing, maybe she can give me some tips - and she seems VERY nice. Luke said he likes his teacher and didn't want to leave! I guess that's a good sign! Hopefully this Kindergarten Readiness will help him be ready for the big school by next year! We love you Luke and are so proud of how grown up you are becoming!

The mad dash through the FUN ROOM! He wouldn't stop long enough for me to snap a picture, so this is what you get!

Making a goofy face showing me his bucket that he gets to decorate and take with him to school each day he goes! (like his backpack)

Looks like Luke will have a FUN year at TLC!
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September 4, 2009

Royal Blue for Fall Baseball

Ian is on the Royal Blue team this fall in a new fall league at Liberty Rec. He is pretty new to 'all the rules of baseball' since he has only played tee ball. But he's catching on. Wednesday was his 2nd game against the yellow team (which they lost - but the yellow team had about 8 players on the team that played on the springs all star team!) Ian struck out both times up to bat, played in right/center field, and got to be the catcher for the first inning! I was so nervous for him because he has never done that before, and he doesn't know the rules to what the catcher does... and Ian's statement to the coach while he's getting the catcher's gear on is, "Um... Coach? Where does the catcher go?" I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! Awe... he was so nervous and scared. He told me later that he was afraid the ball was going to hit him. Obviously - plus, he doesn't catch that great yet either! But he was so cute anyway, and did a great job on his first time being catcher! He definatly has the body build for a catcher, and it does keep his mind off of playing in the grass in the outfield! haha! Last week they won their first game in the rain and all (which is why there are no pictures - I don't take the camera out in the rain) But he struck out then too. He'll get better! Love you, Ian!

A swing and a miss....

Ian's first time catching. Actually, he stood right on home plate when he first got out there. A little embarassing for me as a mom, but again, it was his first time! I love that little kid!

Making a hole in the outfield with his shoes, not paying attention as usual! Last game he made a great play from outfield and got a guy out at 2nd base, so that was good! yah!
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