August 19, 2009

First Day of First Grade!

And he's OFF to First Grade! Ian got on the bus this morning for his first day of first grade! He is TOTALLY excited and so am I! He got one of the teachers he wanted and his friend, Alex from church, is in his class! Yeah! We went to the open house last night at the school and got to meet his teacher, check out the class room, find his desk and have cookies! It was fun. Dave gave Ian a speacial Father's Blessing last night as well, for help with school this year. Ian was really looking forward to that too! Ian picked out his own clothes for his first day, and I think he did a good job! Needless to say, he was anxious for the day to begin! I hope it goes well for him, and I'm sure it will. He is very excited about homework, which is good! I hope he likes it most of his life, because he'll have lots of it! Ian likes being challenged, and I think his teacher will do a good job of that! I love you Ian, and hope your days in first grade are wonderful!!

My little first grader!

Doesn't he look like Dave here?

At the bus stop!

Have a great day, Ian!
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August 17, 2009

Another Family Campout!

Well, we made it through 2 nights and almost 3 days of camping with the boys! It was really fun and we had a great time! We're grateful to our friends the Edwards for inviting us to go with them and their family to a campground that is own by some of their family! It was nice! There was a nice fire pit, a nice deck, shade, and plenty of fun things for the kids to do! Jerry and Marla have twins that are 7 years old, Corrine and Sean, and Ian and Luke just had a blast with them! We went swimming, played a little tennis, played at the playground, ate yummy food, and got to know our friends better! It was a good time! The weather was great at night and the boys did really well in the tent! What a fun weekend we had!
Mason and Mommy at the pool!
How cute is Mason all laying out and getting a tan!?

We got a floatie for Mason! Proved to be AWESOME for everyone!

Luke the 'Noodle' ON his noodle! He loves to go swimming, but can't do it all himself yet! The pool was WONDERFULLY warm on the first night!

Luke wearing Sean's helmet, and having a ton of fun on his bike!

Dave and Jerry trying their 'feet' at syncronized swimming.... what do you think? Not really olympic material just yet! hahaha That was hilarious!

Ian and Sean LOVED jumping into the pool! They are great swimmers!

Ian, Corrine, Sean and Luke, playing a fun game of Uno in the tent!

Mason just chilling around the campfire! He was so good on the campout, but was ready to go home yesterday! Great times were had by all!

August 16, 2009

My silly kiddos

Last week the boys were particularly loopy, so I thought I'd capture a few moments.

Mason's big thing is to do this with his tongue... it's so cute - he walks around with that tongue out on his upper lip and sticks his nose up in the air! He thinks it's hilarious!

Luke loves being in his underwear.... and putting things on his head that belong on other places! Dave calls him his spaghetti noodle! So cute!

Ian wanted to be funny too, so he reverted back to his toddler days with a bucket on his head!
My kids are a little wacky sometimes, and that's just great - they make me smile when I need it the most sometimes!
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August 1, 2009

We did it! We went to the Fair!

After much tribulation..... we made it to the FAIR! Yeah! I guess I am a lame-O parent who has never taken her children to the county fair! Well, I take that back. I took Ian and Luke when Luke was about one with my mom and sister, but never with our little family! I practically had to pull teeth to get Dave to agree to it, but he knows how I am when I am set in my ways... relentless... and annoying. So, again, after much tribulation and a threat to not go at all, we made it to the fair.
The boys had a fun time - we think - and they didn't even complain after we left... although they were excited to go home and play the new fishing game Dave bought for the Wii with his birthday money! All in all - and after much tribulation - we had a good time!
Luke and Ian with the Fire Truck that closed before we left.
Luke and Ian on the Dragon Ride -whoa... that was a handful. Luke ended up crying for being so scared on the third time around and the guy had to stop the roller coaster... Poor little Luke! I felt so horrible! Mason and I - Mason didn't like all the noise of the rides at ALL!

Daddy and Mason. Luke petting a baby pig.
Dave can't get away from the lawn mowers - even on his day off! The boys liked all the tractors and John Deer equipment.

Luke like the boats because they went 'slow'. He was much more calm on this one as opposed to the Dragon Coaster! Ian and I LOVED the swings! One of my favorites since childhood!

Ian and Luke rode the motorcycles first - Ian had a blast while Luke was a bit uneasy! I really don't think Luke's facial expression changed throughout the whole ride...

Feeding the potbelly pigs, and Ian rides the bumper cars. Well, he only went about 3 feet... he didn't understand how to drive it... oh well... but what a waste of 3 tickets! ah!