August 22, 2008

Our Little (dead) Friend, Mr. Mole...

Once upon a time there was a mole. We assume he's a MR. mole, but we didn't check. Mr. Mole for about a month has been reeking havoc throughout our yard and flowerbeds! We tried many a ways to get rid of Mr. Mole. At first we just kept trying to stomp down his tunnels, but he'd just come back. He was quite a tenatious fella. Then we went to the ever-so-expensive poisonous nightcrawler, and he'd just push it to the side! Next we tried the 'guarenteed mole repellant spray'. Well, you can see that didn't work. Next, Dave went online and read that a mouse trap with peanut butter on it in his tunnel would do it. All we got were a mouse trap full of ants. Mr. Mole, we assume, was pretty smart, because he would either throw dirt on the mouse trap to set it off, go around it, or underneath... so that didn't work. Next, Dave thought he'd get wise and pour gasoline down the hole, light the match, but not realize that the dry mulch near the hole would catch on fire! Thank goodness the hose was attached and nearby - otherwise, bye bye trailer! We were sure that the scent of the gas would keep him from coming back, but that didn't work either. Next Dave tried drowning out their tunnel - that didn't work either.
Then we decided, Monday night to go online and find something that would stop it dead in his tracks. We found the ever-so-impressive REVENGE SPEAR MOLE ELIMINATOR! Boy, you can't get more impressive than that. Spring loaded and set to go, it only took 24 hours to say goodbye to Mr. Mole. Dave was really excited when he got home from work today to find the trap had released and there was dead Mr. Mole already in rigor.
Ian and Luke were very impressed as well, and Mommy was a little crazed with the camera! (I've never seen a mole in real life before! - plus, it was tearing up my yard and flower beds!) Needless to say, we're thinking of renting our Revenge Spear out to our surrounding neighbors - there sure are a lot of mole runners in other yards, and hey, maybe we'll get some money out of it?!?!?! *wink*

bye bye, Mr. Mole!

August 21, 2008

Ian goes to School!!!!

Well... today was the big day! Ian went to his first day of Kindergarten! I can't believe I have a kindergartner!!! Ian was REALLY excited to go to school today. He got up on time and I made him a special request breakfast of Chocolate Chip Pancakes for his first day, and he got himself dressed and ready to go all by himself! The only thing that went wrong was that we were misinformed of the bus pick up time and missed the bus, so I had to drive him to school, which wasn't that bad either. Ian didn't have a hard time going into the school either, and was ready to get to his class fast! He likes his new teacher, and says she looks like his Aunt Missy! (I don't see it, but maybe in the way she talks - so there ya go Missy!) Ian had a blast today at school and really like when he drew his picture of the planets and of course, recess! He liked riding the bus home too! I am so proud of him! Dave gave him a Father's blessing last night for the school year, and I think it helped me more than Ian! And no... I didn't cry this morning at all, but was REALLY glad to see Ian after school! How fun this year is going to be!

August 14, 2008

So Proud of our Boys

I have to say that I really do have cute and wonderful little boys! I always thought I'd want more boys than girls when I was younger and dreamed of my future family. Now I have 3 amazing little guys and I pray that Dave and I can raise them to be wonderful men.
Ian Wendell - Age 5 1/2
Luke Cameron - Age 3
Mason David - Age 2 months

Mason's Baby Blessing - Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008

Mason David Formenti was finally blessed this past Sunday at church! We are so grateful that Grandpa Beeler made it home so that we could do this special event in Mason's life. Mason was blessed by his Daddy and blessed with very special qualities. Mason was blessed to have charity, health and strength, to love all people and other special gifts. I am indeed grateful that Dave holds the Priesthood of the church that he is able to bless our little babies!

We got a few family pictures after church to document the day. My sister and her family were able to be here as well for Mason's blessing.

And all I can say about the next picture is that Dave is totally responsible!
(it is mighty hilarious though!)

Visiting the Formenti's

This past Saturday, we also went to visit Dave's Grandma and Grandpa Formenti. This was their first time meeting Mason as well. They just loved him and we had a good time. We took Grandpa out to pizza for his birthday and went to a great place in Joliet called Vito and Nick's! How Italian does THAT sound!?!? Anyway, it was great pizza and we had fun! Ian and Luke LOVE to have Grandpa show them his train set in the basement too! That is one of the highlights of visiting them - besides Grandma's desserts!

August 13, 2008

On the move to Joliet...

This past weekend we also took a little trip over to Joliet to visit Dave's family! It was a great visit and we got to see a lot of family we hadn't seen in a while! We went to Granny's first and visited Dave's mom, Granny and Grandpa. Mason got to meet his Great Granny and Grandpa and Aunt Missy for the first time! It was nice!
Ian and Luke alsways enjoys the Jeep power-wheels at Granny's and now their cousin Anthony is big enough to play with! How fun!
Ian and Grandpa Dowler enjoying the beautiful day.
Granny and Mason - Dave and I

Mason sports his new smile! - Grandma Taylor LOVES little Mason!
Next door to Granny is Aunt Penny and they've got a tire swing that the boys really enjoyed playing on! They didn't want to leave! But all in all we had a wonderful time last Saturday!

More Family Visits!

So the past two weeks my sister and her kids were in town! What a GREAT time it was with them! I always miss my sister so much and love every minute I get to spend with her!
We went to Butterfly park one morning while they were here to let the kids play. It was fun!

Ian and Luke with their cousins, Tyler and Julia

Julia and I sporting the shades!
We really had a great time! We were able to go to the beach, the park, play games and laugh ourselves silly! It was so good to catch up! I'm sad though, because now they have returned home to Texas and I have to wait until hopefully spring to see them again!

August 4, 2008

Family Visits!

July has been a busy month for visits from a lot of family and we are still enjoying family here in town this week!
July started off great with a nice visit over the 4th of July weekend with Dave's half brother and sister, Jeremy and Angel and their mom! It was fun to have them come and spend time with us for a few days and get to know eachother better!
Last week, my Grandma Jensen, Aunt Joann and Uncle Kim, Aunt Sharon, and my cousins, KaeLoni and her baby Kaia (sorry if I spelled that wrong!), Mikayla, and Jeffery were here visiting!! It was a great time! We went to the beach, played games, had lots of great food and great times! What a treasured time it was to see them! Pictured below are my boys with their Great Grandma Jensen!
While my Grandma was here, we thought we'd get a four generation shot with Mason! How blessed I am for my family! My Grandma, Me, my Mom, and Mason!
My Sister, Robin, and her kids came to visit as well and are still here! We are having a great time with them as well! We've been to the beach, played games, watched movies together and have had fun catching up on our lives!
Below, Robin, Michael, Tyler (with Luke) and Julia all holding Mason for the first time! What a great time we are all having!