November 27, 2009

Birthday Pictures

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Happy 7th Birthday to my 'first baby'!

Today is Ian's 7th Birthday! We started out our day with Ian's breakfast of choice, which today it was crepes with butter, sugar and powdered sugar! (nothin' like a sugar rush to start your day!) He was really excited to make a 7 with his crepes!

We threw Ian a fun birthday party with family and friends over at his Grandma Beeler's house! His theme was Lego Mario - if there is such a theme - it was pretty much created in our brains. We had fun Lego decorations and had two TV's hooked up to the Wii. The kids had an absolute blast playing the games!

Ian's Grandma Beeler made his awesome Mario Kart/Lego cake which was awesome enough to be on Ace of Cakes show! It was yummy and we all appreciate the time she put into creating that especially for Ian!

The kids ate sandwiches and played lots of Wii games. I think they had a great time!

The rest of the pictures are in the slideshow!
We love you TONS Ian!!! Happy Birthday!!
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November 2, 2009

All I want for Christmas.... is my TWO FRONT TEETH!

Well, this morning at 4:30am, Ian comes waltzing in my room just thrilled because his second front tooth fell out! (thanks for the wake up call, Ian!) He immediately asked me if he should put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy and I think he was disappointed when I told him it was already morning and the tooth fairy was off duty! ;) But he's still excited to get that tooth fairy money tonight! Wow... what a hole!

nice fangs... could have been a vampire for halloween if it happened a few days ago! haha!
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Halloween Night

The Night of Fright! My 3 little spooks are ready for some fun trick-or-treating! Ian went as a Champion Boxer, Luke was an Army Commando, and Mason was a cute little Future Fisherman! They were so cute, and despite the cold chill in the air, they went in search of their chocolaty treasures! Mason got a few little treats, and me and him stayed home to welcome the other trick-or-treaters while Dave took the older two out! It was a fun night. We ended our evening watching 'Hocus Pocus' and filling our bellies with yumminess!

Carving Pumpkins on Halloween!

Ward Halloween Party

It was a crazy but good Ward Halloween Party at Church on Friday! The kids were hyped up and ready to go! We had a Chili Cook off and I didn't win anything... oh well. I thought my chili was good :) The boys loved the Trunk-or-Treating we did after the dinner, and it was fun to pass out candy to all the church kids from the back of my van! Mason is a 'future fisherman', Luke is an Army Commando, and Ian is a Champion Boxer! Happy Halloween!

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Luke's Preschool Party!

Luke had a fun time at his Halloween Party too! They did some songs and parade for the parents (which I missed because of Ian's party at the same time), then they did games and treats back in there classroom! We got to read Halloween stories to our kids and it was a fun time! Love you Luke!

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1st Grade Halloween Party

Ian's school party was fun for him. They go on a parade around the whole school! Then after that, they gather in their classroom for games and snacks! There were some fun costumes! I loved being in your classroom Ian!

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