February 6, 2008

New Due Date!!!

Well, after my Dr. appointment today, it was determined that my due date was 3 weeks off! Now instead of Mid July, my new due date is June 26th!!!! Yeah for me that I won't have to be pregnant till July! We will probably schedule the c-section for the friday before which is the 20th. It's kind of weird knowing the birthday of your child so far in advance! So there you have it! We're excited for yet another June birthday! I'm not looking forward, though, to celebrating my birthday 9 months pregnant! Oh well! At least I won't be in bed recovering from a c-section on my birthday! Yeah me!

February 4, 2008

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February 1, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!

We had our first ultrasound a week ago today and they were able to tell us that we are having yet another boy! OH BOY!!!!

He'll be a cutie of course, and we are anxiously waiting to see him in person! We are due in mid-July and can't wait. Ian is excited to have another brother and Luke doesn't get it totally yet. I think Ian will do great this time around and not be too jealous like he was with Luke, and I think Luke will have a REALLY hard time giving up mommy's lap! Luke is a cuddle bug and already doesn't like it when I hold babies... he tells me to put the baby down and hold him! Oh boy, again!!!

Winter Fun!

Ian just loves to play in the snow! This picture was taken in December, and was the last time he was out there! It's been too cold lately, but the recent snowfall has spiked his interest again and desperatly wants to go sledding now!!!! He loves to play with the neighbor boy, who is 12 and they enjoy having snowball fights together! Ian also wants to build a snowman, but can't grasp the concept yet that the bottom part must be bigger than the head... each time he tries, it's just a little bit top heavy and falls! You'll get it buddy!!!!