June 12, 2012

Luke's Last Soccer Game!

Luke had a great time playing Soccer this year!  He learned a lot, and developed as a player! He learned positions to play and how to control the ball better.  He got to be goalie a few times and was best, in my opinion, as a forward!  Even though he was on the ground a lot (which he likes anyway), he still had a great time!  Their team didn't win ONE game, but that didn't matter to Luke... he just LOVED playing!  (and he liked the treats too!)

Luke and his coach - above
Luke and his friend Emma V. - below
(they were in Kindergarten together and are still good friends in 1st grade!)
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We had a wonderful time last week as we took the kids to Great America up in Gurnee, IL.  It has been a while since we went, and Ian hasn't been since he was 3 and Luke was a baby.  The boys had a blast!  Mason was really good about staying with us, but we spent two days there, and I think it would have been fine to just spend one day.  The boys were really tired the 2nd day so we had some grumpiness, but it was fun still!  Ah, memories!  I hope the boys will remember this fun family outing!  We're totally doing it again soon since we got season passes this year!  Yeah!!
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June 5, 2012

May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day with 2 of my favorite women! 
My mom, Me and My Grandma Beeler :)

We have so much fun together!
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12 Years and Counting!

Well, last month we hit our 12th year wedding anniversary! 
I love you David!!!