July 24, 2010

Better late than never.. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Dave's Birthday was a few weeks ago, and in the midst of planning for girls camp, I have not found time to upload pictures and report on it! I'm such a bad wife! ;) Anyway, I tried to make his day special... we made him a cake. My mom brought over dinner and we had dinner with mom and dad before Dave had to go to the church for youth activities. (Dave is now helping in the Young Men's program at church, so he gets to work with all the teenagers!) Ian and Luke made Dave some nice birthday cards... Ian's especially was funny, which you'll see below. I hope my sweetie had a great day. We love you honey!

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July 8, 2010

Watering Hole

The other day, when it was 97 and hotter than heck, I broke down and pulled out the little kiddie pool and toys for the boys to play outside in! They had been on the Wii, or watching TV ALL day long, and at 3 pm, I thought.. you guys need to get OUTSIDE! It may be little, but they had a blast! Call us trailer trash, hillbillies, or whatever... they didn't mind. :) It was actually quite funny to watch them have so much fun in it! Now they want to do it every day!

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