February 15, 2011

What's under your pillow, Mason?

When Mason gets ready for bed, he usually finds toys or books and hoards them under his pillow! Usually, it is just a few things, but last night, I was surprised to see just how much he stuffed under there! It was so funny, that I had to take a picture! His poor little head was so cocked from being propped up by all the stuff under his pillow! He had: 4 books, 4 Batman guys, 2 batman barrels, bat-cycle, and Buzz Lightyear! Plus, Mickey Mouse was on top of him! It was so cute! I love my little guy!
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Valentine's Day Fancy Home Restaurant

I wanted to do something fun for Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd turn our kitchen into a fancy restaurant!! Well, paper plate fancy anyway! haha! I printed out menus and name cards, and Ian and Luke helped hang all the hearts. The boys were really excited to be at a restaurant at our house! I served everyone off the menu, and we even had chocolate mudslides and heart sugar cookies for desserts! Since Dave is Italian, it was our Formenti Italian Restaurant! It was fun! The boys were actually REALLY well behaved during dinner, and said please and thank you too! AND the best part... they ate what they ordered! It was a nice dinner. Since it was also Family Home Evening, we went around the table and told each person what we loved about them. It was cute to see what they loved - mainly food and playing games! But it was cute! I hope this might become a new tradition in our family... we all had a great time! Dave was super surprised when he got home from work! I loved surprising him!

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