April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

For Easter this year, we got together at my Mom's house with my family on Saturday for Lunch and for a fun egg hunt for all the cousins! My boys had a great time finding the eggs and eating the wonderful yummy food! We had a beautiful sunny day to enjoy our family and celebrate Christ's Resurrection!

Great Grandpa Beeler with his newest great granddaughter, Noelle Mallery Beeler!

April Birthdays!

April has many birthdays we get to celebrate in my family and 3 of them happen to fall in 3 consecutive days! On Easter Saturday, we celebrated my Dad and Mom's birthday and also my nephew Caden's Birthday! It was a great time! We ate way too much Atomic Cake, and a S'more's Cookie Cake! We didn't even get to the strawberry shortcake we planned for Easter dessert! haha! We love desserts apparently!
The Birthday Boys and Girl!

My Dad in the 'Birthday Hat'
My Mom in the Birthday Hat
Caden in the Birthday Hat

Caden and his cousins who were there.
Mason, Trey, Jenna, Caden, Luke, Ian and Noelle

Daddy trying to Lasso the boys

So, Dave brought out his lasso that he got on his mission to show the boys one day before dinner, and they were very impressed! They thought it was a whip like on Indiana Jones, but he showed them the difference. He actually caught Luke on one of his first tries, but I didn't get it on video! But I think it's pretty funny to see him doing this, and also pretty cool! He had fun doing this on his mission in Idaho!

The rest of March - I know... I'm behind!

Just a few more things that happened in March! It's time to catch up on what has been going on in our lives!
The end of March, Dave was offered a NEW JOB at U.S. Steel in Gary! We are excited about the new adventure that will bring, along with benefits and more money! Hopefully things will start changing for our family because of the blessing of a new job!
Ian and Luke were sporting their 'handsome' look, as Luke calls it, for church one day, and Great Grandma Beeler really wanted their picture taken! She thought they looked really great!

Mason and Luke had a fun time one day while Mason tried on Luke's new bike helmet and gear. They had a blast making silly faces for me and the camera! It was cute because Mason was just playing around in his room quietly, and when he's quiet, you have to check on him, and that is what I found! So cute!

Over Spring Break, Angel, the boys aunt, came for her spring break and brought a very fun Wii game, Just Dance 2, and the boys had a great time dancing along to the funky songs! Even Dave got in on the action and I got a GREAT video of him goofing around, but alas, he forbids me to post it to the blog or facebook! Darn! You all would have rolled on the floor laughing! It was a fun time!

We also got to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Formenti in Joliet for a little while too. We had a fun time seeing them and Mason made a new friend in Grandma! He still said that he likes when she tickles him!
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