March 26, 2010

Spring Break Curiousity!

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Ian's goodbye to George the Fish

A few weeks ago, Ian's fish, 'George', died. It was a very traumatic time. Instead of writing in his journal about how he felt, he made a poster. I thought it was cute and sentimental, and I hope to keep it until he is older. The date on it is wrong though, George died on March 11, 2010 (3-11-2010) We had a fish funeral and everything, in the which, Ian cried some more. He talks about wanting another fish, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see!
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March 11, 2010

Last Saturday, Ian ended his basketball season with his last game! Ian has learned a lot about basketball participating in the YMCA league! When he started, he basically just knew how to dribble a little and shoot. Now, Ian can understand some of the different rules of basketball. He knows what defense and offense is, how to run and dribble pretty good, how to block his opponent with his hands up, how to try for a rebound and more! I'm so proud of him for trying hard and having fun! We had some rough spots, even where he didn't want to play anymore and would get really discouraged, but 'coach Mom' brought him out of it, and reminded him it was all about having fun! At this last game, Ian got to bring the ball down the court on the last two plays, and he actually made 2 baskets at the end of the game, scoring the tying baskets- even though no one kept score ;) - but I am really proud of him, and proud how he always showed good sportsmanship! Let's just say, Ian LOVED his medal that he got... maybe even more than playing the game! hahah!

A Mom's Vacation!

I had the best opportunity, thanks to my great husband, wonderful mother, and fantastic friends, to go with my friend Michelle, up to Crystal Mountain for some much needed away time and some fun skiing!!! We left early Monday morning for the 4 hour trip! We got situated once there and took a walk around to show me the resort - it was amazing! I felt so blessed to be able to be there with a great friend, and just relax from being a mom and to be myself for 2 whole days! While there, we ate great food - which we didn't have to cook; we watched a few movies - one I would not recommend; but most importantly, we skied until our hearts were content! (and our legs hurt!) :) It was so nice to be back on the slopes. I haven't skied in about 12 years, so this was great for me! I thought I would totally have to re-learn how to ski and spend some time on the bunny hill, but to my surprise, it came back really quickly! I didn't even fall the whole first day! I did end up biffing it on the second day in the evening, and I had to laugh at myself, and Michelle HAD to take a picture! (I think I bugged her too much about taking pictures so I could scrapbook them! haha!) I am so grateful to my mom for watching my boys for 2 1/2 days so that I could have fun! I owe her the world! Here is our adventure in pictures....
Getting ready to goGoggles and helmet I borrowed - don't I look awesome!? I was a little skeptical on wearing it, but it wasn't too bad, and I wore it the whole time. Proved later to be a good thing!Me and Michelle ready to hit the slopes!The sunset was gorgeous on the mountain top.On top of the black diamond (which I DIDN'T go down) overlooking the little village resort. It was breathtaking!My awesome BIFF! Look, my ski even came off! Thank goodness for the helmet! I laughed the whole time! It was awesome!