January 30, 2011

Another Successful Pack Meeting

Ok, so I'm just really excited about Ian being in scouts! I love that he loves coming and I love that he gets excited about the awards and has fun too! This month, he earned these awards:
* Swimming Belt Loop
* Swimming Pin
* Video Games Belt Loop
* Art Belt Loop
* Chess Belt Loop
* Cub Scout Letter (for Academics & Sports awards)
* Pinewood Derby Participation Badge
* Cub Scout Winterfest Participation Badge

He is doing so great! I have to post these because I am a scrapbooker and I know I'll forget, so if they are written down, that will be good for my memory! Anyway, he loves it and I am so proud of my little scout!
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January 23, 2011

Cub Scout Winterfest!

We took Ian and Luke up to the Cub Scout Winterfest for families yesterday and we had a lot of fun! YES... it was FREEZING!!! But we wrapped up warm and set off! Dave met us up there and joined us for some sledding and hot cocoa and hot dogs! Ian was excited to go because they give each cub scout a cool patch they can wear on their uniform! He's all about the patches! (just like his grandpa! :)
Anyway, while there, we got to throw 'snowballs' and knock down the pyramid of cans, dig out a snow fort (or try to), go sledding, play hockey, go snowshoeing, tie knots, drink lots of hot cocoa, play in an igloo, check out miniture Klondike sleds, and spend time with friends! They were so worn out by the end of the day, but they didn't want to go! It was fun to be with the boys and I'm glad Ian is a part of Cub Scouts that he gets to do fun things like this!

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January 7, 2011

Swim Class has started!

Ian and Luke are both in Swimming again and they are so far having a good time! Ian gets really tired now, because his class is now in the big lap pool! Luke has already overcome his fear of going underwater, and he is so proud of himself! We'll see what this session brings! I know Ian enjoys swimming and hopefully he'll continue this sport!
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New Years Eve at the Formenti's

I really wanted to do something fun for New Year's Eve, so last minute, I got some stuff to make BBQ Chicken Pizza for Dave and I, and the boys were able to make their own personal pizza. I figured the boys wouldn't make it to stay up any later than 9:00 pm, so I rented a few movies. We had our yummy pizza, had some cranberry gingerale, and watched Shrek: The Final Chapter. It was a pretty good New Year's. After the boys went to bed, Dave and I watched Iron Man 2 - so we could stay awake - and rang in the New Year exhausted from our day with the boys. New Year's Eve with young kids just isn't all that, but we made some fun anyway! Welcome 2011! May this be a blessed year for all of us, and all of you!

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Reunion with the Girls

Last week, I was able to get together with some dear friends and head out to dinner with them to Hacienda Mexican Restraunt! It was great to be reunited with them. I have been getting together with Carolyn, sitting next to me, over the past year, and it has been great to see how our friendship hasn't changed over the years! Facebook has reunited me with the other two wonderful ladies. Melissa and Amanda, I haven't seen since High School - (I've seen Amanda in passing at Target) - but it was great to know that even throughout the years, we still have so much in common, and get along really great! We laughed so hard that night, we were sad for some of our friends that couldn't be there, and in general, had a really great time! Thanks for the night out, ladies!
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