February 16, 2010

I'm an Awesome Mom!!

I wanted to take the boys sledding this afternoon so bad, but I didn't have anyone to watch Mason, so what do we do instead...
But when that posed to be harder than I remember, I got the shovel out and...
Yes... I am the best mom in the whole world! ;) Now, if they will just play in it!

We WERE going to make a family of snowmen, but it was taking too long and the boys weren't really into it - what is wrong with my kids that they want someone ELSE to make their snowman for them!?

Lots of shoveling to get that great wall! But they thought it was awesome!
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February 15, 2010

Too Long not to post!

It has been over a month now that I've posted anything on our blog and since I'm getting back into the swing of things and trying to keep up with my friends blogs and their lives, I realize they might want to see an update of MY life once in a while! So, here is an update... more pictures to come soon!

So, I've realized that I never even wrote about one of the most significant events in our recent family history! What a slacker wife I am!!! In December, Dave graduated from Purdue North Central with his Bachelors Degree in Construction Management Technology! 4 long years have come to an end and we are SO extremely excited to be done with that chapter of our lives.. I know he is! There are no pictures yet of graduation, because PNC doesn't do a winter commencement... so, we'll have to wait till May to get him in his cap and gown. And I don't care how much it costs to rent the darn thing - he's going to walk at commencement and get a picture, because this is a big deal! Even though he got to pick up his diploma already, it just doesn't seem complete until you see the commencement. So, stay tuned for pictures of that in a few months!

Next huge news would be, that about a week after my last post in January, Dave was offered a job at Trainor Glass in Michigan City! Exciting that it is close and currently we do not have to move, and it is in his field of work so that is great. The pay isn't exactly 'rockin', but it's a start! He is an Assistant Project Manager and gets to figure out all sorts of things from estimating to proofing specs for jobs. He loves it so far and is motivated that they offer advancements and transfers (me... I'm excited about the advancements, not crazy about the transfers! hahah) So, the last post was about a huge snow fall... and yeah, that was the last one he plowed snow for! Which has been GREAT! He has a regular schedule now 7-4 M-F, and that is worth it's weight in gold to me!

Next on the list... Ian started basketball! Through the YMCA, we put Ian on a bball team and so far it's not going too great. He wanted to play really bad, but apparently, he isn't really into it. Great.... but he's trying, I guess. He's only had 2 games and has cried at both. Man... poor kid. I just am really anxious to root for my kids in sports and be into the whole sporting mom thing... but maybe it's too early. Maybe he's still too young? We did sign him up for Baseball again in the spring, so we'll see how that goes too.

Luke is as crazy as ever, full of attitude and unfortunately, stubborness! He's doing ok in preschool, but the teacher recommends holding him back from kindergarten this year... darn! He is still young, but I haven't decided for sure how I feel about holding him back... it would mean paying another year of preschool - which the prices are outrageous!! Anyway, that is him.

Mason is still growing like a weed and getting lots of teeth, eating me out of house and home, getting crazy, funny, and stubborn as well! Great. hahah Just kidding! He's a little monkey and I'm constantly getting him off the table, counters, couch, piano, etc... you name it, he wants to climb on it.

As far as me... well, not too much to tell. I'm still trying to figure out girls camp for church since I'm the stake camp director... I'm still doing cub scouts as well, which is fun. Still trying to get in shape - which isn't going too well... still constantly cleaning my house... still doing the website, etc... so you see, not many exciting and interesting things going on in my personal life! haha!

Like I said, I am going to try harder to keep up. My friend is doing a 365 day challenge of a picture a day for 2010... I'm leaning toward doing that too, but I might have to make a new blog for that! Hopefully this year holds new adventures and new challenges... I am ready for spring and hopefully soon we'll be able to get out of this trailer! I'm getting cabin fever and beginning to feel surrounded on all sides by our growing boys and less space! Till next time...