June 30, 2010

Visitors from Texas!

For the past two weeks my sister's kids, Julia and Tyler, came to stay with Grandma Beeler! It was so fun for them to be here and that my boys had their cousins to play with almost every day! One of the first things we did was have a nice lunch at Taco Bell! ;) All the kids love it, so that's where we went! Julia was a wiz at making Mason happy and the boys all bonded over nachos and cheese!

I got to take Tyler with me to Cub Scout Day camp! - See posts below about that!

We also got to go to the beach! It was such a hot day, but the water was chilly! The kids were all great and were LOVING being outside at the lake! It was so beautiful that day and everyone seemed to have a good time. Diana and her kids came with us too, so all the cousins were able to be there! Well, all but Corey and Michael! We missed you!

Then, when Robin got here, we went to go see the long awaited "Toy Story 3"!! It was spectacular and the kids just loved it! Dave got to come too, and I'm glad! We had a great time monching on popcorn and trying not to spill things and really getting into the movie! It was such a fun time!

Unfortunatly, vacations have to end and we have to get back to regular, everyday life. I miss my sister and her kids. I wish we lived closer, but life is like that! We had a ton of fun visiting and playing with them! The boys already miss and talk about their best cousins, Julia and Tyler! We love you!

Mason's 2nd Birthday!

Mason had his 2nd Birthday party a few weeks ago at Bicentennial Park! It was a beautiful day and finally didn't rain! He had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party and family members came to celebrate his special day! I cannot believe how fast he is growing up and I am excited that he is finally getting some words out and starting to communicate with us all much better! He's such a sweet hearted and FUNNY boy! He keeps us laughing, and I know we're in for years of laughter with him in our family! Happy Birthday, my sweet Mason!

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Baseball season comes to an end...

Ian's baseball season ended on June 8th with a great last game. The end of the tournament week, they had an awards ceremony but we missed most of it due to mis-communication on all ends. But Ian still received his medal for participation! He loves it! His team got 2nd to last place overall... but hey, they could have been last!?! haha! Ian showed GREAT improvement in his baseball skills, especially as a catcher! Remember fall ball? He cried everytime they put him in as catcher... this spring, he begged to be the catcher. He did great too! I think Ian has the potential to be a pretty good ball player - but it will be up to him. As of right now, he doesn't want to play anymore, so we'll see. I love going to ball games and cheering him on. I hope I get to do that in the future! I'm proud of you Ian!

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Amy's Birthday - June 13th

My birthday this year was so sweet! With everything else going on, we didn't have a party, which is fine.. I'm a big girl, I can handle it! haha! But Dave was sweet and brought me cinnamon rolls in bed for breakfast. He let me get ready for church and he took care of getting the kids ready. (which he usually does anyway, which I'm SO grateful for!) After church, Dave let me take a nice long nap, and made me a cake while I was doing so! WOW! First time he's made a cake.. and it was DELICIOUS! Mom came over and we had cake together! We didn't have candles, so we used toothpicks... it was hilarious! Oh well! I was glad to be together with my family on my birthday!

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Cub Scout Day Camp - another adventure

The week after the High Adventure campout, I got to participate (since I'm a cub scout den leader as well) in the Cub Scout Day Camp! I went only one day, but it was fun! I got to take Ian, Luke and my nephew Tyler to the pixie camp they have for the younger kids who are not scouts yet. They had fun! At day camp, we played badmiton, did archery, shot BB guns, made monkey bread and hobo dinners, carved soap, made neckerchiefs, and learned how to burn the end of the rope so it won't fray, make picture frames and race styrofoam boats! And that was just ONE day! The boys had a great time, and I'm glad I had this experience!

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What a HIGH Adventure!

I'm catching up on my posting now that all my pictures are back and uploaded to my computer! I can actually post what I've been doing this past month! Life has been really busy and there has been a lot going on in the past 4 weeks that I don't know how I've made it through it all!

First of my adventures over the last weeks has been our YCL High Adventure campout for the 16-18 year old girls at church! Since I am the Stake Young Women's camp director, we thought it'd be good for the girls to have a 'high adventure' like the boy scouts do. So, with the help of some of the best women, the leaders took the girls down to Shades State Park in central Indiana to go on our High Adventure campout!

19 young women, 6 leaders, 1 priesthood protector! Good morning!

6:00 am came quickly that beautiful friday morning, and we were off! First stop... the Canoes! There had been so much rain in the past month that the river was very high, and very dirty and faster than normal. (See pictures of my Anniversary trip to see the difference - same river!) So, we took the girls on a 15 mile canoe trip! We packed lunches with us, and paddled our way down the river - after a short lesson on how to steer! With 13 canoes out on the river, we got spread apart, and some girls and leaders capsised, some got spiders on them, some had to empty out the water, some just got out and walked a bit, some got hurt with scratches, bumps and bruises. But all in all, it was a fantastic time, and we were all watched over and protected!

The forcast for that day worried me, since we'd be on the river for about 5 hours, the thunderstorms that were coming had me worried. Fortunatley, we had sunny skies until about 1 mile to the end of our journey! Then it HIT! The sky got dark, we could hear the thunder, the winds picked up and all of the sudden, that last 4 canoes were in the middle of this thunderstorm on the river! We paddled our hearts out to reach the end, where we knew the rest of the group was waiting for us. Then, there was lightning! The 4 young women ahead of us got pulled off the river by some tubers and other canoers bringing people into the woods so they wouldn't get hit by lightning! Luckily, we saw them and pulled off as well. Once the lightning stopped, we got back in our canoes and took off toward the finish! Everyone was relieved that we were ok, since they were done canoeing by the time we got caught in the storm. (long story - keys were lost in river, and AAA was being called) But we did it! And it was SO fun! Even in the rain!

The next day we hiked at Shades State Park and it was hot and humid, and another storm wanted to come through, but fortunatly it didn't until we left. The hike was amazing! We hiked only a mile and a half, but it was straight down a ravine on skinny stair cases, then through a creek bed on the ravine floor, then UP the CREEK BED through a waterfall, wet rocks, mud and everything! It was great! Yes, a few girls got hurt, but thankfully, not seriously, and we were all watched out for! It was a great time to connect with nature and get me excited for girls camp at the end of July! Enjoy these pictures!

June 7, 2010

Luke's 5th Birthday Pictures!

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Luke had a great time for his 5th Birthday! I can't believe my second baby is 5 already! He is so tall and so funny! He cracks me up every single day! His laugh is contagious, and his smile is infectious! All he wanted this year for his birthday was to go to the park and have pizza and cake! He's so easy to please! Even when the park plans got rained out, he was glad to still have pizza and cake! The family came over and Luke enjoyed playing with his cousins. He wanted a 'Storm Trooper' party, so I did my best to try and decorate! Too bad I couldn't find much to decorate with, so I got creative. I bought some white balloons and drew storm trooper helmets on them. Luke helped a little with that too! I printed out some images from the internet to use as little table decorations and face masks! It was cute! Luke was happy and that's all that matters! He got a few cards in the mail, and that was exciting for him to open some mail! Hope your birthday was great, Luke! I love you so much!

My cute little Mason - so mischievious!

This picture says it all. I love my little cute Mason, he brings joy to me each and every day! But look out... he's a stinker! Look at those eyes... you can tell he's thinking up something mischievious in that little brain of his! He's so funny! I love you little Mason!

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