June 20, 2011

Mason's 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated Mason's 3rd birthday yesterday in conjunction with Father's Day. Mason wanted a spiderman cake! He really loves Spiderman! And he really loved his cake! I made his cake and although it is nothing fancy, I thought it turned out good, and Mason told me it was 'Awesome'! (that's his new word!) He loved blowing out his candles, and being sung Happy Birthday to. He got tired of using a fork eating his cake, so he just dove right in with his face. Nice. He got some great presents, and loved opening all of them! We got him a spiderman costume and he loves wearing that! He is our 3 year old super hero!

Hiking at Coffee Creek - Summer fun continues....

Last Friday, the boys were bored to death, because we only had a movie night planned for our 'fun thing' to do that day, and the boys said, 'that is at NIGHT... we want to do something in the DAY!' So, after much deliberation, we decided to take a HIKE at Coffee Creek! It was a HOT and humid day, but we persevered! We hiked probably a mile and a half, which took us an hour, and they were beat! It was very buggy and the mosquitoes were swarming! But they had fun! We were all very tired afterwards!

June 12, 2011

Luke's Kindergarten Play

Last wednesday, my mom, Mason and I, went to Luke's Kindergarten play! He was the RIVER and he did a fantastic job! He memorized his lines and said them really well! It was a play about keeping the earth clean! They also did another play of the Gingerbread Man! He was the Cow in that story and had 2 lines! He loved it... he really did a great job! After the two plays were over, the class did a 'surprise play' of the Gingerbread Man again, but it was to a rap kind of song, and they all wore sunglasses! It was too cute! Way to go Luke! But he is really excited to be in first grade next year! ;)

Luke and his teacher, Mrs. Hargarten.

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Summertime Fun Calendar!

So, after hearing my kids complain about not doing anything fun this summer 2 hours into summer break, I decided to make up this fun little calendar! I used my vinyl cutter to make the calendar and the title, then wrote in the dates starting with today. I mounted it on an 11x14 sheet of foam board, and I'm gonna hang it on my wall! I had the kids write the stuff they wanted to do this summer, and we are making little cards that are movable (in case of rainy days). The kids were really excited about it! Now, I just have to stick with it! :)

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June 6, 2011

Luke's 6th Birthday!

On Friday, Luke turned the big 6 years old! How time has flown by! He's finishing up Kindergarten this week and is growing like a weed! He's so tall and fun and VERY entertaining! Luke wanted an Army birthday party this year, so that's what he got! For his birthday breakfast, I made him crepes - his favorite! He also got to celebrate his birthday at school with yummy rice crispie treats and a birthday hat! For dinner, we let him pick his favorite restaurant and he chose CiCi's Pizza! He loved it!
Saturday was his birthday party and he had some great friends come over to celebrate his birthday! It was a perfect day for slip 'n slide and the little pool and water guns, UNTIL the party started and a storm came rolling in! The kids got about 1/2 hour in the water, then we had to get out because of the thunder and lightning! haha! We had hot dogs and chips and fun canteens for their drinks, and we got to eat outside under the car port.
Luke loved his cake that Grandma Beeler decorated for him, and loved all the wonderful fun presents that he got from his friends and family!
Happy Birthday, Luke! We love you so much!

Luke and his brothers getting ready to sing to the Birthday boy!

Luke in his Back Yard Explorer outfit and bug vacuum he got for his birthday!