April 25, 2009

Zonked by Cheerios!

So I was making muffins this morning and inbetween feeding Mason some Cheerios to keep him occupied while I baked. Suddenly after about 15 minutes, I noticed he wasn't making much noise. I looked over and found him snoozing. What a perfect photo opp! (only I would think that, right?) But it was cute, so here you go! He hasn't fallen asleep like that since the bouncer incident. (see past posts!)

T-Ball has begun!

Ian started T-Ball this past Thursday evening with his very first practice! He was REALLY excited about it and was even MORE excited when he saw his new t-ball glove that I got him! He did really well at his first 'organized' practice. He can throw the ball really far, and his coach was impressed with his hitting ability! They didn't use the T, but had someone pitching them the ball, which surprised me, but Ian did REALLY good! His first one he hit was way out by 2 base! I don't think the coach expected that one! I hope he does really well, and likes the game of baseball! It was fun for me to watch him and reminisce about old Liberty Rec. softball and baseball games as I grew up. Now it's my turn to be the side-line mom cheering her kids on, and I'm so excited!

Ian fielding on 3rd base.

Ian batting - what a swing!

The Many Faces of Luke

Last week when I was taking pictures of Mason, Luke DESPERATLY wanted me to take pictures of him! He was relentless in having me take them, so I said, why not! I seem to take more pictures of Ian and Mason, and I forget about Luke. So he is my constant reminder to photograph him.
Luke was only interested in taking funny face pictures, so I agreed... seeing that these faces just define Luke to a tee! He is our jokester, our kidder, our schmoozer, and just lovable Luke-E. His nick-name is Luke-E or also goes by Luke-ster Duke-ster. (Given by daddy) I just love Luke. He knows how to get himself out of trouble with just ONE LOOK! He loves to jump, run, laugh, tickle, box, sing, yell, whatever and anything that involves moving! When he watches TV, he most of the time acts things out as well to what is going on in the movie. He has a VERY vivid imagination and I just love him to pieces! He will be 4 in June and just can't believe how grown up he really is already! Love you Luke!

April 20, 2009

10 months for Mason

On Saturday, Mason turned 10 months old! Since I was scrapping, I wasn't here to take a photo shoot, so we did it today. What else to do on a cool and rainy monday afternoon!? Mason got two more teeth last week, bringing his total to 6 teeth now! Along with the teething came the normal snotty nose, cough, and crankiness. 'He used to be such a pleasant baby', is what the nursery workers at the YMCA would say. Now they say he's crabby. Great. Maybe he just misses me!? hahaha Mason is ALL over the place! His Grandma Beeler calls him Curious George, because he is always investigating everything. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth - which is scary around here - and he HAS to be where everyone else is. He gets mad now when I barricade him in the living room, and when we shut the doors to the bedrooms. He is very lovable though. It's cute when someone is holding him and they are talking to someone else and he'll lean over tilting his head in front of their face as if to say, 'HELLO? I'm over here!" He does that the most to my mom and Dave. It is SO funny to watch! Mason's eating his cheerios and fruit puffs, and is taking feeding time very seriously. He loves to eat - hmmm must be a Formenti! He's finally sleeping longer than 4 hours - for the past week it's been all night! yeah! He can walk along the couch, but doesn't dare let go. Everyone's name is 'DaDa' - except when he talks to Ian it's a scream. (but he loves Ian so that's ok) He loves to hear people sing, and he love attention. He can go up the stairs, but not down. (therefore, more barricades at Grandma's!) And lastly, everytime I try to take a picture, he wants to eat it, so therefore, we have a lot of 'closeups' of Mason! I love him so much! How can you not!?

Scrapbooking Retreat!

Saturday was a great day out for myself! Mom organized a fun day in South Bend, IN at a scrapbook store of 13 hours of power cropping! It was great because there were 9 of us women chatting and laughing and working on our layouts all day long. No interruptions from children, just 13 hours of peace! (well, in my mind! ha!) It was fun to get to know everyone there better. The store provided 3 meals as well, so I really felt like I was being taken care of! I got 15 layouts almost completed (30 pages, but still need titles and journaling) and I am proud of myself! It was good for me also to get away from the mundane life of being a mommy and be MYSELF for a day. Hopefully that didn't annoy everyone too much! hahha I am grateful that I had this chance to go! And I thank my husband for being such a good sport about the whole thing! He truly is a saint! He handled the kids just fine while I was away - actually much better than me... maybe he should stay home and I should go scrap! Anyway, I had a blast!

April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Fun

We had a pretty good Easter this year! Saturday, the boys and I colored eggs, and that was a little stressful but fun. Even Mason was participating with his plastic eggs (but no food coloring!) Sunday was a nice day at church and the boys were good, which is always good! After church we went to my mom's house and had Italian Beef sandwiches, salads and everything yummy! Joe, Diana and their kids were there. Chris and Grandma and Grandpa were there too. It was a nice time. We miss Robin and her family when we have family get-to-gethers! Mom sent the kids on an Easter Egg Hunt in her yard and had them searching for 2 golden eggs! Chris was good at hiding the eggs! Ian was very disappointed HE didn't get one of the golden eggs, but his cousin Caden had some pity on him and traded him his golden egg! What a good cousin! Joe, Diana, Chris, Dave Corey and Derek had a great game of Bocce Ball and I couldn't tell you who won! Probably the twins! hhaha they are good! HOpe everyone had a good Easter as well!

April 5, 2009

Easter Week...

As I have watched General Conference thus far yesterday and today, I am indeed grateful for the atonement of Christ. This year for Easter, Dave and I want to try and teach the true meaning of the resurrection to our boys. We hope to do so by objects that are simple for the boys to understand that relate to a part of the atonement. We hope they understand what Christ did for us, and for each of us here on earth! I know Christ loves me. He is my elder Brother and I love him. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends, and please know that Christ and our Father in Heaven loves each one of us.