March 25, 2009

I have Curious Kids - well now I do!

Today was another very fun outing over our spring break with our friends the Newman's! Isolde invited us to join her and the kids again and venture up to St. Joseph Michgan, where they have a wonderfully quaint little kids museum! It was not very far away, and the kids were wonderul! The little museum was completely hands on for the kids, and small enough that it wasn't stressful for mom! Ian really enjoyed the lava slide, feeding the dinosaurs, apple picking, the bubble maker, the wheelchair obstacle course, and almost everything else there. Luke enjoyed extensively the fire fighters truck, the ambulance, the barnyard, the lava slide, apple picking, snacks, the boat, and the rain forest exhibit! Mason enjoyed the stroller ride, eating, and playing in the barnyard finally at the end of the day! (he was so good the whole time!) It was such a fun day and I it was great to get out of the house during this long week of the kids being home all day! And I was glad I had someone else to talk to besides a 3 year old all day!

It's Jumpin' Time!

My friend, Isolde, invited the kids and I to join her in going to the 'Jump Zone' yesterday as a fun outing for our kids over their spring break from school! It was the first time the kids or I have been to a place like this and we all had a blast! It's a place filled with huge bounce houses that the kids could just go go go! It was great fun! The kids were well worn out by the end of their time there. It was awesome!
The Gang: Ava, Luke, Ian and Alex

Luke enjoying one of the slides.

Ian climbing the 'rock wall' in the dinosaur house. Ian, Luke and Mason in the 'mouth of the dragon' (one of their favorite!) Ian in the obstacle course one having a great time!

Thanks Isolde, for a great day!

March 18, 2009

Oh boy! 9 Months and So Big!

I'm 9 Months and sooo Handsome!
What is this tickly stuff under me?

Mason thinks the grass is ok!
Nice face, huh? must get this glare from mommy! ;)
Today is our monthly photo opp. with Mason! He is 9 months old today and just as handsome as ever! He's learning new things and is as cute as ever. he likes to look out the window and bang on the glass, and he can manuver himself from the window sill to the play table to the chair. He can give high fives and loves to give mommy kisses! He tries to whistle, but even though the lips are correct, the spits still seems to fly! ;) He wants to be where everyone else is. When the boys are playing in thier room, he wants to be in there too. When Mommy is on the computer, he wants to help with the wiring below (like right now), and when we are eating, he wants to eat too! He's a joy still and I can't imagine life without him! He loves when Dave comes home too, he gets all excited and starts screaming and kicking his legs - funny, when I come home, he just cries and wants me to feed him! Go figure! (not all the time though *wink wink*) Today Mason also got to touch grass for the first time! It was nice and 68 degrees yesterday but today it's only about 55, but we went out anyway! He tried to eat bark, but didn't like it too much, and didn't really know what to think of the grass! Oh well, there will be PLENTY of time for play this summer when he is bigger! I love my little Mason!

March 13, 2009

3 weeks of nothing, then this....

So I have been a slacking blogger, but hey... I have a crazy life these days! The past few weeks have been pretty eventful!
Last post, Mason was cutting teeth like crazy, and in one week, he cut 4 teeth! He then got really sick with the upper chest congestion and terrible cough and nose thing going on. He wasn't too happy for a little while, but now is again a happy baby. He gets really upset though, when we shut all the doors in the hallway and he can't get in the rooms! Yesterday, we saw him peeking under the door to Ian's room and the bathroom trying to see what was going on that he was missing in there! It was so cute! Then he'd cry and reach his hand under the door! How funny!
Ian was sick as well with the same thing that Mason had, but again is feeling much better. He's currently writing his Young Author book for his Kindergarten class (everyone writes one) and I'll let you know when it will be 'published' (finished) ;)
Luke is crazy as always, and always seems to be getting louder! He loves preschool and primary at church too! But last week, he thought he could pick up Mason and accidentally dropped him right into the door frame! Ouch for Mason! Mason was very sad and I think Luke even felt a little bit of remorse! Mason was left with a HUGE knot on his forehead and didn't like it AT ALL when we tried to ice it. Poor baby... but he'll be the toughest of them all I'm thinking!
This past weekend we were excited to go to our friend Jennifer's wedding reception! Jennifer and her sister Julene, and also thier other sister Jessica, have been great friends and the boys most favorite babysitters! Jennifer and Dylan got married in the Nauvoo temple (which I was very sad - VERY SAD - to miss) and then we went as a family to the reception last Saturday night. The boys REALLY had a great time dancing and eating cake! It was a great time to get out of our house and have some fun and celebrate with them! Jennifer moved here when she was a Mia Maid in Young Women's and I was her leader in Young Women's as with the other girls as well! So it pleases me even more when I see these girls grow up and get married in the Temple! It just makes my day!

Jennifer and I at her wedding reception!

Julene and I at Jennifer's reception. Julene was the Maid of Honor!

We have also been working really hard the past week or so trying to get our internet business up and running. (for those of you who don't know... we are now ecommerce business owners!) Hopefully we'll have a fun website up and running in the next month! We'll be selling wedding supplies, so tell all your friends who are getting married to come see us! I'll let you know the site name soon!
Well, it's off for another fun filled day here at the Formenti home! Lots to do and as usual, not enough time! Oh well! Life goes on!