January 22, 2009

#2 lost at School!

Ian pulled out his 2nd tooth today at school all by himself! He was so proud of himself that he lost it there, because he got to bring it home in a cool tooth box! I think he likes the box more than the lost tooth! He said he was just wiggling it and pulling up on it, then it just came out! It didn't even bleed! He was glad for that! I told him he has a nice holey head now, and he laughed at me! The one thing he really is sad about now is that he cannot whistle anymore! Darn! I told him when his big teeth come in, he'll be able to whistle once again. He was glad for that as well! He told me tonight when he went to bed that he was going to hold on to the tooth box, so that when the Tooth Fairy came, he would feel her try to take the box and he would wake up. I said she's very sneaky and if he caught her, he would be the first, cause no ones ever seen her! I also said, that I heard she was very beautiful... after I said that, I kissed him good night and walked out of the room. A moment later, he said to me, 'Mom... how do YOU know the Tooth Fairy is beautiful if no ones ever seen her!?' I'll let you imagine how I answered him! ;) *wink wink

January 20, 2009

Seven Months for Mason

Mason at 7 Months (and 2 days, OK!!)
The many faces of Mason!
(the middle one is the most common these days!)
I'm a few days late with posting these, but I didn't have time to take pictures! Ah! So I had my monthly photo-shoot with Mason today. He turned 7 months old on Sunday, so here he is! I have to say he is such a JOY to me! He is getting around a lot quicker these days and we actually saw him crawl a step or two the other day! Needless to say, he's all over the place. Today I pulled him out from under the chair at the piano. He likes to hide under the jumper, behind the chair, in the corner of the sectional, and other fun places! He is getting quite vocal with little gremlin growls and his new favorite word, 'Da da'. Ian LOVES it when they start talking (more like yelling) at each other saying Dada and giggling! It's hilarious to watch! Mason just cracks up at Ian, and actually, today to my surprise, Luke had him belly laughing too! Mason loves to jump in the jumper, but not the one here at home.... he prefers the one at the YMCA nursery... it's got a lot more spring and he can really get some air with it! Mason also has his first crush! He LOVES my neighbor Shanon! Every time she comes to visit, he just lights up and wants her to hold him! He'll grab her face and give her a big smooch too!! It's great! And she loves him back too! I just love my little guy! I can't believe he's already this old. :( Time goes by way too fast!

January 19, 2009

So, you want to contact me?!

Ok... I am lame, but I just noticed on my guestbook that there are a few people trying to reach me! Some of them say email me, but I don't have your email to do that!!!! Ah!!! Anyway, I know I might get a lot of spam, but I'm throwing this out there if you want to contact me! Soon though, I will have comment capability on my blog since I'll be reformatting it and changing it up some over the next week - hopefully!
So, here you go... email me!


So, on January 10th, my mom and I went to go see 'Wicked' the Musical in Chicago! It was a bonus from our little business we do together for the year end bonus! Mom got us tickets and I was SO excited about my 'work bonus'! Mom had already seen it, but I have been dying to see it for so long! We took the South Shore train up to Chicago, had lunch at the train station, and headed over to the Theatre and had a wonderful time! It was great for me to get away from the boys for the day! THANK YOU JULENE!!! Dave was plowing all day because there was also a snow storm that day, but nothing was going to hold us back! Needless to say, I was absolutely mesmerized! We were in the 4th row from the front just off to the side. It was amazing! I had such a great time. I really have a new understanding for that green gal! *wink wink* I can't wait to see if they make it into a movie now! I think this is the last week it is in Chicago and then it's gone for good! I'm glad I had the chance to see it! The theatre was beautiful and mom got a nice program for us to 'share' and I spent way too much money on a t-shirt that I need to lose a few more pounds to get into! HAHA! Thanks for a great time Mom!!!

January 16, 2009

Pitty Please....

Afternoon Cold
Hi 3°F

This Afternoon: Sunny and cold, with a high near 3. Wind chill values as low as -18. Southwest wind around 10 mph.
(that is the weather from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

So, I just wanted to let you know that today and yesterday, I am grateful for my working heater, working water heater, warm clothes, running cars, and my home. Yesterday the temps were even worse, reading -5 degrees, with a windchill of -37 below zero. This morning when I bravely left the house with my 3 boys, the temp in my car read -10 degrees.
So.. just a little pitty please... more for Dave because he had to plow in all that nasty weather! What a MAN!

January 6, 2009


My little Mason thinks he's so cool and is trying his hand - and knee - at crawling! NO! I guess this means I have to start vaccuming!! Just kidding, I vaccum! He is already rolling all over the place, and the past couple of weeks, he has been getting that little booty up in the air and is now able to rock back and forth on his hands and knees! Oh man... 3 mobile children! AH!!! But it's just great and I'm sure he'll be off and going any day now!!!!

What? 5 boys?

So, Ian says there are now 5 boys and 1 girl in our family now... (no... I'm not pregnant) Ian got a fish the other day when he went to the pet store with his Grandma Beeler to get a fish for his fish tank they got him for Christmas. Ian was really excited and he ended up getting a Beta and calling him George Washington. (don't ask me how he came up with that name cause I don't have a clue!) Anyway, he has a feeding calendar on his wall and looks forward to seeing his fish every day!

January 1, 2009

Fun in Indianapolis!

On Monday and Tuesday, we took Ian and Luke down to Indianapolis and stayed overnight in a hotel that had a nice cold swimming pool and a fun playroom with a ball pit for the kids. Mason was lucky to have Grandma Beeler take him overnight! We wanted to do something fun with the boys before Ian and Dave started school again in a week or so, and this turned out to be a lot of fun. (not considering the few melt-downs the boys had!) tee hee!
In the hotel! Brrrrr... the pool was not warm at all!
At the Indianapolis Children's Museum.
Ian as Captain America, Luke as Batman, and Mommy as Wonder Woman! (Awesome!!!)

The boys FAVORITE part was the new Dinosaur Exhibit! They got to dig for bones, and touch an actual T-Rex bone, talk to a paleontologist (sp?), and hear thunderstorms and dinosaur noises! They really liked this one, and we went to that twice!

The Playscape was a fun part too! Giant Connect Four, treehouses, a carousel, and construction stuff! A boys dream!