November 22, 2011

Ian Celebrates his 9th Birthday at LegoLand Discovery Center!

This month is a big one for Ian! He is turning 9 this coming Sunday, so he decided instead of having a friend party or combining his birthday with Thanksgiving, he wanted to go to Lego Land again this year! I was good with that decision! (it actually saves me money!) So we headed up to Schaumburg and spent the day together as a family! It was very fun, and the kids had a great time!

The boys with Lego Hagrid.

The dragon on the lego ride. SO cool! Mason was scared of it though. ;)

4D Movie! The Adventures of Clutch Powers!!

Building a Dog out of Legos at the workshop room.

Ian's (and all the boys) FAVORITE part! Free-building in the cafe room! You can build whatever you want, but they have fun race tracks and lots of wheels so everyone builds lots of different lego cars and trucks and races them down the ramps! It is fun! They spent a LONG time here! They can just let their imaginations go free!

The fun Techni-cycle!

Pizza for lunch in the cafe!

Waiting for the movie

Ian with Indiana Jones - one of his favorite characters.

Ian spent his gift money wisely and found 3 awesome projects to do... all of which he did that very same night!

Those are happy boys right there!
Happy Birthday Ian!
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Ian Earns his Wolf Rank

Last Wednesday was Pack Meeting and Ian finally had finished his Wolf Rank! He was very excited to get that, and I was so proud of him for finishing it as well! I even get a cool mother's pin! He got to pin it on me, it was fun! Great job Ian!!!

Almost all the boys in their pack.

Ian and his Den Leader, Sister Newman.

Pinning on the Mother's Pin.

So Proud of you Ian!!!

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A Day in the Life

I just thought this was totally cute and had to document it. Mason was so tired, but was fighting going to sleep in the car, so when we got home, he continued to play his little Leapster... the fun music was playing so I didn't pay any attention that he feel asleep while playing it! It was darling.

Ian and Luke got up one morning to build something with their legos and this is what they came up with! Pretty impressive! They love being creative like that, and I was just glad they were getting along! Ian wants me to submit it to the Lego Club Magazine, so we'll see what I can do!

I love this picture -above - it is now my computers desktop background! ;)

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