May 25, 2009

Visiting Formenti's

Mason, Grandma Formenti, and Amy

Dave and Mason

Ian and Mason

Luke's way of getting out of eating dinner...

We had a nice time visiting Dave's grandparents this weekend as well! The boys were really exhausted from the previous day when we went to Jeremy's open house party, then stayed over night at Missy and Steve's house, then played at Granny's house, and were just beat by the time we got to the Formenti's! Luke was so tired, he didn't want to eat dinner, which upset the grown-ups, but he wasn't gonna eat... he even said he didn't want cake, then proceeded to fall asleep in Dave's lap during dinner! It was so cute, then I felt really bad for getting mad at him for not eating... the poor kid just wanted to go to bed! ;) But we still had a good time playing and visiting outside. Mason fell asleep at the table too during dessert, and Ian also konked out after he finished his cake sitting up in the chair. It was the first time that all 3 boys fell asleep at their house! I felt bad, cause I want them to visit their great grandparents and get to know them... I guess we need to go there first from now on and not last! It was a great visit though!
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A Great Visit with Grandma!

Grandma and Mason

Mason out in front at Granny's

Luke with Granny's flowers

Ian with Granny's flowers.

We had a great visit this weekend with Dave's Mom and Granny and Grandpa and the rest of the family. It was a beautiful day and the boys had so much fun playing out in the yard with the fun toys and playing ball. We had a great cookout too. We know how much Granny loves her flowers so I tried to get some pictures of the boys by her flowers! They had a good time. We all had a really nice time!
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11 Months for Mason!

So I'm a little behind with posting pictures of Mason for his 11 month birthday, but better late than never, right? I didn't do the regular photo shoot either... I think it's because I'm out of outfits for him! Time for a birthday! Anyway, Mason's new things this month have been eating much more table food, playing with the water dispenser - as you can see in the pictures - yelling out the window at Ian and Luke riding their bikes, drinking from a sippy cup, and much more. He's such a great baby and I'm excited about that. He's sleeping more consistanly through the night and that is WONDERFUL for mommy! I love my little Mason and will be sad when he turns 1 next month already!!!
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Jeremy's Graduation

Last weekend we were able to go to Dave's half-brother's graduation. It was a good time, even though the kids were crazy tired and didn't like sitting on the bleachers very long! hahaha... but it was good to see and we're glad we all got to go!
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May 13, 2009

Loving the Box

So yesterday, Ian thought it'd be fun to put Mason in the diaper box. Apparently, Mason liked it, because he didn't scream at all. Luke and Ian got a kick out of it and I had fun watching them play! It was funny, so I thought I'd share!
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May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday, which was Mother's Day! And I have to say that this year was the absolute best Mother's day ever since I've been a mother! I woke up to Dave cooking bacon and eggs for me! (this is AMAZING since he's never really cooked me anything as a meal our entire marriage!) It was wonderful! He even trimmed the fat off the bacon for me! How sweet! Dave gave me a new gerber daisy plant to replace the one he ripped out the previous year. (he didn't know they grow back each year) Ian made me a sweet card and planted some flowers during school and gave those to me! Luke brought me his herbs he planted last month in preschool and told me 'look what I got you mommy!' - I guess since everyone else was giving me flowers, he needed to too! It was so cute! Church was good and I had Dave take some pictures of me with each one of the boys, then our friend took a family picture for us. I never get pictures with the boys - well, good ones anyway - so I'm glad these came out ok! After church we went to Mom's house and Dad, Dave and Joe grilled out for us women! It was great! The kids were so good and the weather was beautiful! We had a good time visiting and enjoying our pampered day!
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May 2, 2009

The Crimson Pirates take the field!

Ian had his very first T-Ball game today! He did wonderful! He got to bat 2 times and hit very good! He got on base (but everyone does in T-Ball!) and I was very proud of him! His team name is the 'Crimson Pirates'! How fun! He got to play in the field at 3rd base and 1st base, and fielded the ball well - except at first base.... we still need to work on him staying put and knowing that everyone will be throwing him the ball! It was cute to watch and I can't wait for the next game! His coach really is impressed with his swing, and says he's got great potential! A mom couldn't be more proud!
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