July 18, 2008

Mason is One Month Old!

I can't believe that my little Mason is already one month old today! It just seems like yesterday that he came to our family! He has grown so much this past month gaining probably over a pound - for sure judging by his little leg rolls! He is such a good baby and loves his mommy very much! Ian, Luke, and Daddy are still in love with him as well and take really good care of him and Mommy! I am so blessed to have such wonderful boys! I'm sad, though, that this little stage only lasts for so long... I guess they have to all grow up eventually... but I love this little rollie-pollie - even though he spits up on me multiple times each day! I love it!

July 15, 2008

31 Years ago on July 14, 1977...

Yesterday, July 14th, was Dave's 31st Birthday! We celebrated a little this past Saturday by going out for pizza as a family, then last night we had the Newman's and my Mom over for ice cream cake and cupcakes! Dave has been asking for an ice cream cake for the past 3 years, and I finally remembered to get one! He really enjoyed it! Happy Birthday Dave!

Mason's First Bath - July 13, 2008

Mason's umbilical cord FINALLY fell off on Sunday, so we gave him his first real bath! And since we believe that someone swiped our baby bath off our deck, we had to resort to the bathroom sink! How funny! He looks so small!!!
Mason loved his first bath! Much better than that cold sponge bath!

He was doing really good until his head got wet...
And this is what happened after the head got wet! We had to get him out then!
Mason looks like we just finished torturing him!
Mason styling his little mohawk.

Family Outing - July 12, 2008

Since Mom is feeling a lot better and recovering well from the baby, we decided to take the boys out to the Michigan City Zoo and to the Lighthouse at the lakeshore! It was a great day and the boys had a blast! They loved to see all the animals and they liked the lighthouse a lot! Little Mason was great and slept the whole time we walked around. We were all exhausted by the end of our outing but we had a great time being together as a family! What a great day!