July 30, 2009

Val and Chris' Wedding Shower!

Last Saturday, I got to go all by myself to Val and Chris' Bridal shower! It was a lot of fun! It was nice to get out of the house for a while without the kids and get dressed up and be served wonderful food and cake that I didn't have to cook or clean up! It was so nice to see how happy Chris and Val are too! They got some wonderful things for their home. Robin and I got them some frames that I put their engagement pictures in I took for them, and Mom made them a 'signature towel cake'. (she always does a great job on those!) Congrats to Chris and Val! Can't wait till the wedding!!!
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Last week, the boys decided they wanted to add a little water to their sandbox - which I thought would be fine, since one side is for sand and the other side is for water and they can do boats and stuff. So... here I am piddling away at my daily tasks inside just oblivious to what is taking place just outside my front door! It was a nice day out, so I had the windows open and the boys were playing and I could tell they were having a grand time with each other. I remember thinking, "Oh, I'm so glad they are getting a long so well for so long!" My immediate next thought was, "I better go check on them!" I walked out on the deck to this. They had been slinging wet sand balls at eachother and the ceiling to the deck and the house and the window, etc... you name it, there was sand on it! They were both completely drenched with wet sand from head to toe as well! After I laughed quite a bit, and took some pictures, I ruined their fun by making them clean it up. They didn't like that at all! Oh well, it was funny and I'm glad they found something they can do together! They really can play nice together if they want to!

One of my loves...

One of the things I love to do is to take pictures! (like you couldn't of guessed that) Anyway, I found an opportunity while I was taking engagement pictures of my brother and his fiance, to quickly get a nice picture of this! I liked it so much it is now my desktop picture. Anyway, thought I'd share my talent a little bit with all of those who care. I still wish for a better camera - I like my EOS a lot, but I think I could a ton more with a NIKON! ;)
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Dave's Birthday Highlights

I'm so behind it's not even funny! Two weeks ago was Dave's birthday! We had a little get together at my mom's house with some family and good old ice cream cake! Dave's favorite! Mom made him wear the 'Happy Birthday Hat', and Dave served gianormous pieces of cake to the kids! (He was sad when he saw all the cake that was going to waste because the kids couldn't finish it all!) It was a fun time!

I knew exactly the face Dave would make when I took his picture in this hat... yep... I was right!

Blowing out the candles.

Mason really enjoyed the cake! Not a surprise!

And when these two cousins get together it's make believe time! Jenna always finds the dress up clothes box and Luke always finds Grandpa's Railroad engineer hats! They have fun together! (Although, we found Luke dressing up one day in the Cinderella dress and glass slippers! It was really funny!)
Hope it was a happy birthday, honey!
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July 13, 2009

Ths saddest day... Mason's first hair cut

Words cannot explain this 'BEFORE' picture...
Right before hair cut- see those adorable 'wings'???
The first cut is always the roughest! Man I was sad!

First hair cut done... given by mommy!

OH WHAT A KISS! Mason seemed very excited to get those wings in the back cut off! (I know Daddy was!)

I really had a hard time with this... I'm not sure if this is our last baby, but something was TERRIBLY hard about cutting off those cute little side wings that Mason was growing... Dave really had to force me to do it. Mason looks SO cute and is still cute with his hair trimmed up like a 'real boy'! hahaha He looks a lot older, but I guess I'll get over those little wings. What a sad day for me yesterday was!

The Finished Cut! Ta da! Not any off the top, just those crazy wings and duck tail! You look great Mason! Love you!

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Family Campout at Potato Creek!

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Ian's First T-Ball Trophy!

Ian's T-Ball team had a pool party and award ceremony on Friday! Ian was SO excited to get his trophy! The coach threw a pool party and had cupcakes and awards! It was a fun time. We couldn't stay the whole time, because we were going camping the next day, but he really had fun! The pool was heated, and even though it was raining, he loved it anyway!!! First time going down a waterslide too!

Ian and Coach Strand, receiving his certificate and trophy! Coach said that Ian was one of the top three hitters! That was great to hear! Ian might do Babe Ruth league in the fall (I think that's the next level after T-Ball???) Anyway, Ian is VERY proud of his trophy and we're proud of him too!
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Updating July...

Well, July is half over and I can't believe it! We've done a lot of fun things already this month and still more to come!

Mason really has been loving all the cool sounds and noises that Ian and Luke's little computers make, so I thought it was cute... he looks just like mommy... addicted to the computer! hahaha

Ian and Luke ended their swimming lessons last week and really enjoyed it! Ian got really good at doing his back stroke - I was impressed! He also learned to swim with his face in the water too! Great job!
Luke, during this session, learned to use the kick board all by himself and FINALLY will put his face in the water! That is a milestone! Great job Luke!

Luke and Ian in the new YMCA pool.

Ian and Luke wanted to have a picnic outside, so on one of the more beautiful days last week, they headed out and put up the blanket in the driveway. It was cute! They even cleaned my living room before they had their picnic! What a good thing to do for me! AND, I even had a peaceful lunch all by myself!
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