April 24, 2010

First Dentist Visit for Luke!

Luke had his very first Dentist cleaning and check-up yesterday! He was a little nervous, but shed only one tear as he sat and watched Ian getting his teeth cleaned. I had to sit with him, because he was scared. But the sunglasses he got to wear were awesome, and he liked that, and he got to watch cartoons, so that was even better! He did really well! No cavities! yeah!

But I don't think he really liked the flouride treatment... look at that FACE! ha! Classic.

Even today, he is still proud of his little bag of goodies he got from the Dentist... actually, I think he took the sunglasses when he wasn't supposed to! Yikes! I might have to take those back! hah! Luke made me 'play dentist' this morning and clean & floss his teeth, it was awesome!

Dentist Vist for Ian

Well, it was getting too long that the boys had seen the dentist, so we got them in! (thank you Dr.Sarver!) Ian did really well. He love getting his teeth cleaned and using the little suction tube. He was very brave, and said that the only part that hurt was when they used the 'scrapping tool'. (again, it's been a while and he had plaque!) But he did a great job!
They got to wear sunglasses for the bright light and watch Cartoon Network! Awesome!

Teach a man to fish...

Dave took the boys fishing this past week for the first time this spring! They liked it, I think! I think they like being out with Daddy too!

My little Mister-Mason

My little Mason is so stinkin' cute, so I had to post some cuteness!
Mason has some crazy hair, and this is sometimes what he looks like when he first wakes up from his afternoon nap!

Dave was playing around with him, and wrapped him up like a burrito in a warm blanket (it was cold that morning). He looks so cute just standing there staring into the abyss of the the tv! He likes to wear hats too - but not for long... what a cutie!
I have been getting stuff ready to put away in storage, and here, Mason thinks he's still a baby! um... you're a little big for that, son! He even was buckling himself in and turning it on to hear the music! so funny!
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April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter Sunday and weekend! We were blessed to be able to watch General Conference for the LDS church at home this morning. What a great blessing to hear the words and instruction from a prophet of God and the general authorities!
We went to my mom's for lunch and had wonderful roast beef sandwiches and tons of other great food! YUM! Dave and I got to hide the easter eggs this year for the big hunt, but I guess we didn't do a great job... they got done pretty quickly! doh! But my boys had a great time! Once Mason discovered candy was in the eggs, he quickly shoved 4 jelly beans in his mouth! AH! He was drooling green drool in no time flat! Luke found a lot, and was proud that he got so many! I think he would have eaten all the candy in the bucket if I didn't stop him after about 7! I just know he would have thrown up if I didn't stop him! Ian had a good time finding his '2 eggs' that had money in them! I know he's growing up when he wants the money eggs more! haha! But it was a fun time... it was so windy outside, but at least the rain held off!
The kids getting ready for the hunt. Ian, Luke, and Mason, and their cousins, Trey, Caden and Jenna. Luke finds an egg in a SHOE! (who's not wearing their shoes!?!?)

Yeah Mason! (where are you're shoes?!)

Mason is SO excited!!

Oooo... good eyes, Luke!
Awesome job Ian! What a smile!
On the run for more eggs!
Ian checking out his stash.
My boys :)
Happy Easter everyone!

April 2, 2010

New Life for my Chairs

After 3 kids, kitchen chairs with fabric surely do take a beating! So, I became very motivated yesterday and bought some fabric to recover my chairs! I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself, although, it's not very hard to do! The fact that I actually did it is awesome! Now that the new fabric is on, I do wish I would have gone with a solid color, but alas... the kids are still growing and constantly wiping messy fingers, spilling milk and whatever else to my chairs... so, hey... I may do this again in a few years anyway!


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