December 28, 2009

Christmas Memories!

Our Family Christmas was an enjoyable time this year! We started our celebrations on the 20th with Dave's half brother and sister, their mom and Angel's boyfriend coming to visit us! It was a fun time opening presents, playing games watching a movie and eating yummy food! We enjoyed having them here and are grateful they survived coming here on I80 during lots of snow!
On Christmas Eve, we went to my Grandma & Grandpa Beeler's house for a great Roast Beef Sandwich and cheesy potato dinner! Yum! Lots of extras too! We celebrated with my brother Joe and his family and my brother Chris and his wife, my Dad and of course Grandma and Grandpa! Dad played Santa this year as he handed out all the presents - we tried to 'slow it down' and have the kids go one at a time, but it quickly got out of control, but it was still fun! We played games and visited with one another. We missed my mom this year as she went to Idaho to help her mother prepare for surgery. We also missed my sister, Robin, who is in Texas!
Christmas Day came all too early!! Dave and I were up LATE Christmas eve finalizing 'things', and it came as a complete SHOCKER to our systems when Luke came in at 6:15 am asking if he can put on the clothes that Santa brought him! AH! Dave & I immediately jumped out of bed to make sure all the presents weren't open yet... good thing, that Ian had only gotten to one present for each of them! Ian had his snowpants on from Santa and Luke his new clothes. It was a bit funny, but since I was tired I was a little irritated that I have early birds for kids!! We spent the day together as a family, playing games, eating too much junk, watching movies, playing the Wii and being together! Dad came to visit us around lunchtime, and the boys had fun showing their things to him! We finished our day off by cleaning our church building together as a family.
The day after Christmas, we traveled to Joliet to visit Dave's Mom and Grandparents! We went to Granny's house first and Ian, Luke and Mason were excited to open presents from Grandma and Grandparents. It was nice to visit with them as we haven't been there in a few months!
Last, we went to Dave's Grandma and Grandpa Formenti's house for dinner. It was a wonderful dinner, Grandma Formenti is a great cook! We had a great time visiting and opening presents there as well!
The boys were exhausted from the long week and so was I!! We're glad we had a nice Christmas and are grateful for all the Lord has blessed us with! We can't wait for the new year to see what wonderful blessings the Lord sees fit for us to receive!

December 17, 2009

Luke's Preschool Christmas Program

Last Friday, Luke had his preschool Christmas program! It was really cute and Luke did a great job. They all gathered in the chapel at his school and performed some Christmas songs for Parents and family!

One of Luke's part was a snowflake, in the song, 'Have You Ever Seen a Snowflake?' He didn't do a whole lot but twirl the snowflake around and around... but he did a good job!

The finale was "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in which the kids did a great job singing, and the best part was the second verse where they all brought out Kazoo's and played the song with them! It was a riot!

Luke and his teacher. He loves preschool!
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December 9, 2009

Polar Express Train Ride!

We traveled down south of Indianapolis this past friday to go on a Polar Express Train ride! My mom had gotten all of us an early Christmas gift, and we headed down there to start the Christmas season off! We got to see my brothers new house, and celebrate his birthday. The boys did great considering the long drive and the late hours we pulled that night!
Standing outside the train.
All the kids in their jammies waiting for the train to take off.

Dave and I snuggling close.

Mason, Grandma and Grandpa.

Our Tickets

On the train ride, they had the servers give us cookies and hot cocoa! It was very yummy, but unfortunately, they didn't dance like they do in the movie! haha!

Grandma and Jenna, Caden, Trey and Luke.

The server and the kids enjoying their hot cocoa and cookies.

They even had a conductor come around a punch our tickets! We didn't get a whole word punched out, but he did do a great little Christmas Tree design!

Luke, me and Jenna

Luke was so happy to be on a train, that he was loving in his brother! How cute!
Mason stares out the train car window with Daddy!
Then Santa came on the train as we were near the 'North Pole'. Santa visited all the children on the train and asked what they wanted for Christmas and gave them a silver bell just like in the movie!
Luke was a little shy, but he was good.
Mason liked his gloves...

And Ian didn't have any problem telling him what he wanted!
It was a fun ride and a great family outing that I hope my kids will always remember! Thank you Mom for making it happen! What great memories!