June 28, 2009

My Three Sons...

Brotherly Love (wish it was this sweet all the time! *wink wink*)

This was a challenge getting all 6 eyes looking somewhat straight ahead...

My crazy man, Luke. What a handsome devil (and I mean little devil!)

My Ian Wendell... getting so grown up already!

These are just some more of the pictures I took today while at Ogden Gardens. Thank goodness for digital... boys don't like getting their pictures taken too much... well, at least mine don't! haha - I have such a handsome family... I can brag... it's MY blog! ;)
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My Little One Year Old!

I finally got around to taking some pictures of Mason since he's now ONE! I know... He turned one on the 18th and I'm just getting around to it! I'm a slacker! But today was a BEAUTIFUL day and the weather was VERY pleasent (compared to the last few weeks of humidity) We took the boys to Ogden Gardens and attempted to get some shot of them. For some reason, I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for studio pictures when I know I can take good pictures of the kids... well, they're not SPECTACULAR, but they did turn out ok. What else are you going to do with a one year old who's back side you see more than his front! He's always running away or looking at something interesting on the ground. Anyway, here are some of the good shots we got of Mason! He's so cute and I love him so much! I love all my boys! Even when they hate getting their picture taken!
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June 16, 2009

Mason's First Birthday Party Highlights!

We celebrated Mason's First Birthday on Sunday (His real birthday is this Thursday the 18th)
We had a Curious George or just Monkey theme, because Mason is a little curious monkey! When he woke up from his nap after church he was a little leary of getting into the mix of all the people, but once acclamted, he was more comfortable! He REALLY enjoyed Grandma Beeler's cake that she made especially for him! It was so cute with a rice crispie monkey on top! The candle even played the happy birthday tune! When it was time for cake, Mason tried ever so much to get a hold of that cake, and he really did get a good swipe off the top of the frosting. Once he tasted that, he REALLY wanted it then! Now, after I put the piece of cake in front of him to the time he was licking the crumbs off his fingers was about 1 minute! He was devouring it! I guess that means he eats sweets like the rest of us! But it was cute... I even gave him a second piece! (which later would attest to the 3 dirty diapers the next day!) We had fun celebrating Mason's big day with everyone that came! It was wonderful and sweet of those who took time out of their day to be with Mason on his big day! Here are some highlights, then the rest of the pictures are in the next post on the slide show!

Mason getting that first lick of icing!

Mason thoroughly enjoying his cake.

SHOVE it in!!!

Our family and Dave's twin brother and his family and Dave's half brother and sister.

Happy 1st Birthday Mason! We love you!
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Mason's Birthday Pictures

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June 12, 2009

Some of Mason's First Steps

Well, these weren't the FIRST steps, but they are steps! He is getting really good at walking. Last night Mason went from the cupboards to me - about 7 steps. It was so cute. He just LOVES falling into me when he reaches me too! It's so cute! Well, I am sad that he is growing up, but am happy that he has learned and is still learning how to walk before he is one! Yeah Mason!
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June 5, 2009

Luke's 4th Birthday Party!

Luke's Batman Cake that Grandma Beeler made. We sang "Happy BAT-DAY to you" it was cute!

Luke and Grandma Beeler

Luke and Mommy

Luke really enjoying his cake! We LOVE Grandma's cakes!

Luke turned the big 4 on Wednesday, June 3rd, and today we had a party for him! He had been anticipating it all week and told me that he wasn't really 4 on his birthday until he blew out those candles! Funny! We had family over for Luke's favorite dinner, Taco's - really the kid is a burrito! - and cake and ice cream! (I think we had tacos for his 2nd birthday too... hmm) Anyway, a lot of family came to celebrate his special day including, Grandma and Grandpa Beeler, Great Grandma and Grandpa Beeler, Aunt Diana, Trey, Caden, Jenna, Aunt Angel, Uncle Jeremy, Susanne, and our neighbors, Ben, Natalie and Shannon! He was excited about opening his presents and eating cake! The pictures from the whole party are on the slideshow below! Luke was excited to get a gift card from Great Grandma Jensen in Idaho too, and looks forward to going shopping for another toy! We love you Luke and can't believe you are growing up so fast! Happy Birthday Buddy!
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Luke's Birthday Pictures

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Mason's First Steps

I don't have a way to stream video yet, but Mason took his first steps on his own 2 days ago on Luke's actual birthday! He took 3 steps toward me from the table to the microwave, and then another 3-4 for Dave that evening! It was SO cute! And it's about time that little guys starts walking! Last night he took about 6 steps to me and I swear he said 'Ta-Da' when he was done! It was cute! He holds his arms WAY up in the air and is just as happy as a clam to be on his feet. Except when he doesn't want to walk, then you can't get the kid to straighten his legs to save your life! I'll take some still pictures tomorrow - maybe when it's less hectic! Way to go my little Mason!

Saying Goodbye To Kindergarten

Ian's last day of Kindergarten was today! He was very sad to see the year come to an end. He has truly loved his kindergarten class and has learned and has grown so much this past school year! He is growing up so fast it seems!
Yesterday, he was sitting on the couch looking through his school yearbook while I was practicing the piano for a minute... and when I was done, he came up to me with big tears welling up in his eyes and said, "Mom, you know what that song reminds me of?" (he was getting all choked up by this time) and I said, "no, what buddy?" And he said, "How much I'm going to miss my kindergarten!" and by then he had began to sob. It was so sweet and hard for me to stay composed, but to see him get emotional about kindergarten truly said to me how much he enjoyed it. He said how much he was going to miss all his friends and his teacher. So I suggested he make Miss Dulin, his teacher, a good-bye card. So, because it was so pathetic and cute and sad all in one, I copied it so we could remember it always. Just like me, huh? So below is the card he made for his teacher. And I think she even shed a little tear when she read it!

I promised Ian that some of his classmates now will most likely be in his first grade class next year, and he'll see Miss Dulin at school sometimes too.
I'm so proud of everything that Ian can do now. He is beginning to read on his own and that just amazes me! He can add pretty good and has started subtraction. He's been a great student, according to his teacher, and works hard in his projects and assignments. The top picture is from his kindergarten play, in the which he performed his own part and the part of a classmate who was absent. He was the only one in the class who had all parts memorized! Awesome! I look forward to looking at his daily journal he kept in the upcoming days. I love my little Ian. He is so bright and can be a GREAT helper! Good job in Kindergarten, Ian! I love you!
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