September 12, 2011

Mason's First day of Preschool!

Mason's first day of Preschool was today! And it went EXACTLY how I expected it to go! He was so super excited this morning, got dressed, and was very anxious to get there! We stopped to take a few pictures, he was very cooperative even! He was ready to go! We got inside, he went right in as I started filling out the paperwork. But, before I left, he was ready to leave, he wasn't doing what all the other kids were doing, which was reading on their carpets, no... he was playing on the rocking chair almost tipping it over! hahaha! So, I thought, ok... here we go! So I left, and fully expected to hear the tales when I returned. And when I returned, he was glad to see me, and said to my mom, 'I was jumping.' 'I had lots of time outs'. HAHA! Doesn't surprise me one bit! :) Well, I'm excited to see how his behavior could improve this fall! His teachers are good friends of mine, so I hope he listens to them! haha! The good thing is, is that he didn't say he didn't want to go back! ;) You're growing up Mason! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

why is it always MY kid that doesn't want to listen!?

This school thing sure wears him out! Poor guy! He's been sleeping for 3 hours already now! (yeah for me though) tee hee!

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September 7, 2011


Luke lost his FIRST tooth today! He got home from school and was playing in the yard with Ian, and all of the sudden, he comes in the house screaming, 'MY TOOTH CAME OUT!!!' It was so cute! We've been working on it for the last couple of days, and he didn't want to go to school this morning because it was hurting him every time he ate, but now, he is a happy camper! He was so full of excitement it was amazing! He ran right up to me and hugged me tight, and said, 'I AM SO HAPPY!' What a cute boy! Congrats to you, Luke!

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