October 24, 2009

Wet Pumpkins...

Well, we forced a pumpkin patch in today even in the rain. It was cold and drizzly this morning, but we made it out there! 37 degrees and wetness isn't the best time to pick out a pumpkin, but the boys were great! We decided NOT to take the hayride to the pumpkin field, because, well.... it was raining and the field was probably total mud pit! But the boys understood! They picked their pumpkin out quickly, got to play a little and no one was completely full of mud when we left! I call that a success! I think the whole event was like 20 minutes, so that makes is a record! I have the worlds quickest PUMPKIN PICKERS!

Ian pickin' a pumpkin out.

Mason testing them all to make sure he got a good one.

They all three picked out great pumpkins and I can't wait to carve them next week! Yeah!
Happy Halloween!
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October 22, 2009

That there HOLE is pretty BIG!

Today Ian lost his fourth tooth, but first top tooth! He was SO excited! It's been loose for a while now, but today we went to the YMCA and Ian came too because of fall break and Ian wanted to come run with me on the indoor track. So I thought that was awesome! But we had to keep stopping because he said his tooth was so loose and it was going to fall out. About the 5th time stopping, I told him I was just going to yank it out so he wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. One little tug and there it came! He was like, 'ow... oh! that didn't hurt!' I'm glad and he was so thrilled and he just had the biggest grin ever for about 6 hours! Also, this huge HOLE in his mouth will go perfect with his BOXER costume for Halloween!
He is again, however, determined to catch the tooth fairy tonight - he's even opting to sleep on top of his covers, thinking that will be good enough to catch her... better think again buddy! ;) she's tricky!
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Luke's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Luke had his 2nd Preschool field trip on Wednesday and they went to the pumpkin patch! They got to have a fun hay ride to the field, pick out their own pumpkin that they could carry, have a fun ride back, and play at the little play area there! It was the most beautiful day of the week! The weather was warm and sunny! PERFECT! I got to go with on the trip, but I think by the end of the time, Luke didn't want me around anymore... but when we got back to the school, I got to read a story to the kids who were left and that was fun. Luke got to sit on my lap and I think he liked that too! It was a fun day!

Luke's green and orange pumpkin he picked out.

Luke, his friend Wolfie, and his Teacher.

Both afternoon classes.
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October 3, 2009

Building the Bank

This morning, I took the boys over to Home Depot for their Kids Workshop day! I just found out that they do this once a month, and now I'm totally going every month! It was so cute! They gave the boys their own aprons (to keep!) and a free project to build, and today it was a fire station money bank! How cool is that!? It even has the 3 slots for 'save', 'spend', 'share'(which I told the boys was our tithing!) Awesome! So after they build their project, they show the lady there and she give them a certificate of completion AND a cool pin to put on their aprons... then they can collect the pins each month! How fun!
Anyway, I invited their Grandpa Beeler to come and help out! I'm so glad he did! At first, Luke didn't want to take any part of it, but once he saw how much fun Ian was having and the other kids, then he wanted to do it too! They had a great time hammering and doing their stickers. It was a perfect thing to do before Conference because Ian spent most of the first session coloring it with markers! He was really proud of his bank, and Luke has been in his apron most of the day pretending to be a 'worker'! Anyway, it was a GREAT morning thing to do with the boys, and we actually didn't have ANY screaming or mishaps! Yeah!!! I'm definatly doing that again! Enjoy the pictures!

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